Post Tenang by-election death reports

Here are some screenshots on media reports (on two deaths) pertaining to the Johor floods.

a) Bernama: 31/01/11 @ 4:55pm

b) NST – 31/01/11 @ 1:31pm

c) the Star: 31/01/11 @ 10:11am

d) Mkini: 31/01/11 @ 1:52pm

e) TMI: 31/01/11 (via Bernama)

In our preceding post, we wondered why the BN/PR politicians were more concerned about low voter turnout than the safety of Tenang residents in view of the floods.

Therefore, are both the old and new media equally culpable for this indiscretion as well?

That the Tenang electoral process and results over-rided all other aspects of news reporting, and therefore, death(s) if any, can be sidelined for another day?

Surely, in Malaysia, the right to vote should not be the death for some of its citizens.


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