The Star’s faux pas on FT awards

Did you know that, according to the Star, K. Rajagopal, the national football coach was supposedly a recipient for a FT datukship?

We found a Google cached copy of the Star news report with the headline ‘Datukship for Rajagopal’.

Other websites which linked this report –

The same online report was then changed with the entire paragraph on Rajagopal taken off and the headline re-titled into ‘Chief secretary among 256 recipients on FT day‘.

Both the ‘old’ and ‘revised’ news reports had the same URL reference – … file=/2011/2/1/nation/7912727&sec=nation

The Star apparently published an apology (print version) to Rajagopal for the oversight [ we are unable to upload a scanned copy here because .. well, HartalMSM donot buy newspapers?]

Be careful with what you read in the MSM, folks.

Your datukship may not be genuine even if it’s announced in a national paper.





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