EC independent of government – Hafarizam

The adun of Port Klang, Badrul Hisham, obtained an interim injunction to restrain the Election Commission from holding any meeting(s) related to the status of this constituency until 17th February.

Reports from Bernama, the Star and NST were synonymous i.e. both the MSM agencies echoed Bernama.

On the other hand, TMI and Mkini had additional content in their coverage i.e. a statement from Badrul’s lawyer, Mohd Hafarizam Harun, which points towards the EC as being ‘independent’ from the government of the day [BN] hence the validity of the temporary order given to his client.


  • Hafarizam said he had argued that an injunction could be brought against the EC as it was not part of the government.
  • The EC is not governed under the section 29 of the Government Proceedings Act (1956) which states that no permanent injunction can be granted against the government

Hafarizam is the same lawyer involved in the BN takeover in Perak but it would appear that another set of rules are being applied in Selangor.

And if the EC is truly independent, a) why are they represented by a senior federal counsel and b) why is the EC under the portfolio of the PM’s department?

4 Responses to “EC independent of government – Hafarizam”
  1. FenceSitter says:

    As a layman, I guess an employee who have not turned up to work for 6 months can also obtain an injunction to restrain his managers from holding any meetings related to his employment status huh?

  2. nordin says:

    kalau independent, takde lah chairman dia kena marah dengan ali rustam pasal adun merlimau tempoh hari.hehehe

  3. RocketScience says:

    Best joke i’ve heard so far today. EC is independent of the government lol

  4. Foo says:

    EC independent? Then the 60 years old prostitute is still a virgin!

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