By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Thanks to Walski on Twitter, my attention was drawn to the stunning headline ‘Berduaan di alam siber sama seperti khalwat’ in the Harian Metro paper. The fatwa promulgators screaming ‘this cannot, that cannot‘ have taken over the asylum.

Motivational speaker Datuk Mohd Zawawi Yusoh said that a man and a woman chatting in cyberspace (no close proximity, as mind you, as one could be at her computer in Port Dickson and the other at his workstation in Pekan) are akin to committing khalwat.

The Harian Metro article reported Mohd Zawawi as saying cyberchatting “mengundang bisikan syaitan yang akhirnya akan menarik mereka melakukan perbuatan mungkar” (invites the devil to whisper in their ears, which will ultimately draw the man and the woman into sin).

And now, the mighty Jakim is to launch an anti-Valentine’s Day campaign — see Insider.

(Also check out the colour blind dude’s white turban mismatched with blue checked shirt, green polka dot tie and grey pinstripe suit)

Our fashion-challenged PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi is someone who has been at it again and again, always pushing, shoving, pontificating, etc. See Hartal posting about his most recent killjoy — haramkan Valentine’s Day — here.

Hey, in the 54 years of BN rule, did we ever hear of Umno stronghold Johor banning the V-Day celebration and deploying the moral enforcers to catch those Malaysians giving florists a roaring business? Nope, the Talibanization is happening in states under Pakatan control.

When there’s a backlash, Pakatan quickly retreats into denial mode. See this story — ‘PAS Youth chief claims misquoted over anti-Valentine’s Day push’.

Same old, same old: Politician accuses reporter to be hard of hearing.

Yeah, yeah, they always claim to have been ‘misunderstood’. This misunderstood PAS man is identical to previous Umno leaders conveniently making reporters the scapegoat when they retracted a ‘misquoted’ comment after public uproar.

Such Hypocrisy First!

Postscript: Dang! … Now I have to encrypt all and any links, files, HDDs, etc on my PC that has any whiff of khalwating. (Note to self: recommend password – p.o.r.n.t.h.i.p.m.u.a.h.a.h.a.)

See Part 2 of my ruminations, here.

12 Responses to “e-khalwat”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    What happens when I chat with, say, three women at the same time? Surely then it cannot be Khalwat isn’t it?

  2. FS says:

    Oh dear, what are they going to do? Form an e-moral police force? Plant a virus or trojan horse in all computers to sniff on whom we chat with?

  3. Serious Shepherd says:

    Errr… isn’t that how sex predators find their victims?

  4. Pegasus says:

    Paul,that wil be orgy…you sure you can handle this..? these goons will gate crash in…ha ha ha!

  5. Repablika says:

    When PAS comes to real power it will Talibanize its constituents. Karpal Singh is right to be the spoiler of PR bed-fellowship. Most unprincipled of political coalition in Malaysia.

    • Crankster says:

      I don’t know, Repablika. I kinda like them being at loggerheads with each other. Keeps their hands off the national coffers if they’re not in bed with each other.

  6. TuLan says:

    During my younger days in the 60’s I was very interested in Islam and would read whatever reading materials available to me, about Islam.
    Now with the going on in Malaysia by the Muslims especially the Malays I am very scared of Islam now because it has turned many Muslims into devils that I am witnessing now. The very word Islam sends shivers down my spine and my advice to those who intend to convert to think again because Islam in Malaysia is like “Hotel California”
    My apologies to the Muslims and their religion as I have no intention to insult them or it but merely expressing my feelings and my fears.

  7. Paul Warren says:

    Actually I like the idea of being found guilty of khalwat with all the Muslim women I chat with. It would be a badge of honour when you see the who’s who that I chat with 🙂 Hmm, wonder if they’d object!!

  8. Crankster says:

    PAS Youth, like the puritans, are desperately afraid that somebody, somewhere might be having a good time.

    Nasrudin has always been the epitome of that. I do wonder if he’s a trojan horse planted by UMNO to make PAS look really bad. Perhaps that would be the premise for censorship of the internet (including political sites).

    Nik Aziz has come up with some strange stuff but at least he has shown another, more likeable side.

    Guess what the top keyword search in Kota Baru is there days?

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