It Wasn’t Me

By Crankster

In November 2000, an up and coming American artiste called Shaggy, released a song that became a number one hit in both the US and the UK.

Since then, I have observed that “It Wasn’t Me” has become the most popular refrain of politicians and other scoundrels worldwide upon being caught red-handed.

Our very own Tun Dr Mahathir is no stranger to this bizarre little attempt to extricate oneself from hot soup.

In a very amusing twist of events totally lacking in credibility, he claims that the massive crackdown on his political opponents was not his decision, but that of the police.

“Well, I would have handled it differently, except that the police wanted to do these things because they say it is necessary…

“I actually met all of the opposition members (beforehand) and assured them that they would not be arrested. And you know what the police did? They arrested them. My credibility is gone,” he said.

“You must have been furious!” retorted Tom Plate, the interviewer and author of the book, ‘Doctor M: Operation Malaysia – Conversations with Mahathir Mohamad’

“Yeah, but what can I do? You see, I have to accept that they are the people on the ground that makes a decision. I give general authority to them,” continued Mahathir, who was known as a strongman who brook little dissent.

[Read Mkini report]

I nearly died laughing.

Some of you political stalwarts may have read an old publication by Ahmad Mokhtar Hj Mohamad called Never Forget The Mahathir Blunder.

It summarizes almost every single scandal and scam that Mahathir has ever been involved in. Whenever he landed himself in trouble, Mahathir always looked for a distraction or directly removed the voice of dissent.

It was a steady and consistent pattern with which he fashioned himself. He has managed to repress our freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of press and nearly everything else that would aid him in controlling the masses.

In the case of Ops Lalang, he desperately needed to buy himself time. There were heaps of problems:

  • The UEM scandal with which opposition leader Lim Kit Siang was hounding him.
  • Internal politics within UMNO – many did not agree with his unethical ways and opposed him. His win was very narrow. He proceeded to make UMNO illegal and then set up UMNO Baru.
  • Unemployment, recession and other socio-economic issues.

Bear in mind people, Ops Lalang wasn’t the only measure he took. He also sacked judges who opposed him – even the Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas!

The Mahathir administration also amended the Constitution to redefine jurisdiction and powers of the Court and that of Legislators. He toyed about with the highest authority, our Federal Constitution!!!

Did he have the motive to deploy Ops Lalang? Hell yeah!

So I really don’t give a hoot about his account of the events in 1987 – very little that comes out of his mouth is not a lie.

Haris Ibrahim appears befuddled as to why the former IGP corroborates his story – “Why is Hanif jeopardising his own reputation” for this past-the-shelf-life politician?”

The intricacies of I-scratch-my-back-you-scratch-mine don’t overwhelmingly interest me, to be honest.

Perhaps Hanif Omar wanted a loaf of bread, and Mahathir Mohamad gave him one.

Or perhaps Hanif Omar took a loaf of bread when he thought no one was looking. Who knows.

It could even be admiration for the man.

If you ask me, the world has handed more accolades to Mahathir than he deserves – numerous books written about him by Tom Plate, Barry Wain etc.

And you have to admire his ability to raise a ruckus even after “retiring”. Nothing about this man is graceful.

Whatever it is, I am confident that it was he who ordered Ops Lalang. You are free to think what you like.


HartalMSM : Vide a TMI report, it was also made absolutely clear that although the former IGP vindicated the former PM on the police arrests, the issue of the ISA two-year detention orders which can only be made by the then Home minister (i.e. Mahathir himself) does not absolve Mahathir from accountability.

And the PDRM [as in 1987] is still under purview of the Home ministry [in 2011].

[Originally published @ Crankshaft]

12 Responses to “It Wasn’t Me”
  1. pinsysu says:

    the only truth he uttered is “My credibility is gone.”

  2. Paul Warren says:

    Hey, you got to excuse him for his Operation Lalang. Really. After all what is that compared to Operation Mahathir in Sabah? He is just priming you guys for the next “It wasn’t me”!! And think about it. Pairin Kitingan has never come out at anytime to criticise Project Mahathir, has he? And for the pay off he may have receive or is to receive, who know, he too might do a Hanif Omar!!

    Recently at the Perdana Foundation, at one of the talks, one speaker said this: ( I am assuming he meant it for Mahathir):

    And when you retire, you must not just go, but you must let go. You must walk out
    and never look back. Remember, your last job is no longer your business. You have
    neither obligation nor right to offer your two sens worth; and your successor owes
    neither obligation nor time to listen to your views, which in all probability will be
    outdated, outmoded and irrelevant very quickly. Selective amnesia is a wonderful
    thing in that it allows you to be absolutely comfortable with yourself while criticizing
    the shortcomings and failings of those left behind to carry on after you. However, it is
    good to be reminded that they, being younger, do not share the creeping dementia
    that is yours to suffer.

    Read the whole of it here:

  3. This is shenanigan Mahathir, he should have become a comedian instead of a P.M. ?
    Just like a snake he twists ,turns,distorts, selective in his memory and above all he now begins to blame every one else for the atrocities he committed. He is now trying to transform his descendants into Chinese and his grand children now have more Chinese blood in them than Malay, in fact so little Malay blood in them that you can’t even call them Malay but the Malays will just like Umno even have laws in their books to recognise this Indian descendant is a Malay. Otherwise the Malays may not have many true Malays left, very soon the so called Malays are really of mixed blood, the Chinese call them ‘Chap Chong’ what a misfortune, a very ‘pleasing and complimentary term indeed ‘Chap Chong’ ! I rather be called Indonesian pirates than that.

    • Crankster says:

      Despite what people may call them, UMNO is not racist. They just know how to hide behind the shadow of racism while basking in the sunshine of ill-gained wealth (through corruption and cronyism).

      • Helen Ang says:


        It is Pakatan that is perpetually calling Umno ‘racist’. Hindraf is having its rally on Feb 27 to march against what the movement calls Umno’s racism. So don’t you think the opposition coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS — the ones who have been shouting loudest that Umno is racist — should now lend their support to the anti-Interlok march? Or are they going to remain safely in their armchairs and just make online noise? Or will they WALK their talk? (Personally, I doubt it)

    • Crankster says:

      By the way, there is no such thing as a “true” Malay. A Malay is a product of miscegenation between Chinese and Indians.
      Gasp! Mom! Dad! What did you do to me? – shar101.

  4. Adam says:

    Ah yes, the UEM scandal, I still remember very well. I was in my 30’s then. DAP’s rocket with headlines “60 billion scandal” was the hot topic then before ops lalang. What is the price they are going to pay for all the highways now? 50 billion? LKS was pretty close huh? Now, we know what LKS was fighting for. He was fighting for the Rakyat as he is still fighting now. Bless him.

    The younger generation must be informed who is behind the many high tolls we are paying now and who has tried to prevent it but unfortunately failed. Whenever I pass through the tolls, I would appreciate LKS for enduring ISA detention on account of us and I would curse the idiot who has made us pay. I know it is bad to curse but I really cannot help it. May he rot in hell. Sorry, Lord.

    • Crankster says:

      Adam, I know exactly how you feel, because I curse those who set up those toll booths – especially those that are used by daily commuters – whereupon you get stuck in a jam right after paying for the toll.

  5. Crankster says:

    Helen – I think the Pakatan Rakyat coalition should get their ass down and walk their talk.

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