Whatever did Mrs Chua Soi Lek do that you insult her so?

Lim Guan Eng has accused “certain quarters” — he did not specify the culprits — of being “evil” and “racist” for doctoring his photograph. In the last round of doctored ‘cow slaughter’ photo, he blamed Umno cybertroopers. Yet Lim’s own cyber defenders are state “officers, who include seasoned and upstart journalists” — quite a pack … Continue reading

Guan Eng’s cybertroopers and two-faced politicians

Over at FMT, ‘Guan Eng in a spin over media hounds‘ The news portal observes that the Penang chief minister has “a love-hate relationship with the press”. So true, LGE sure gets his tongue all Touretted over Utusan. ‘… [Lim] has reacted with a flurry of libel suits against the media, chiefly publishers linked to … Continue reading

Think. Be disturbed. Beware.

Pix: 18-year-old Bibi Aisha now lives in America. AMSTERDAM – A South African photographer’s portrait of an Afghan woman whose husband sliced off her nose and ears in a case of Taliban-administered justice won the World Press Photo award for 2010, one of the industry’s most coveted prizes. Jodi Bieber’s posed picture, which contrasts the … Continue reading