Guan Eng’s cybertroopers and two-faced politicians

Over at FMT,Guan Eng in a spin over media hounds

The news portal observes that the Penang chief minister has “a love-hate relationship with the press”. So true, LGE sure gets his tongue all Touretted over Utusan.

‘… [Lim] has reacted with a flurry of libel suits against the media, chiefly publishers linked to Umno.

Yup, indeed. Never before in the history of Malaysia has any politician filed/threatened to file such “a flurry of libel suits against the media”. Lim Guan Eng’s name should go into the Malaysia Book of Records.

Never before in the history of Malaysia too has so many police reports and so much public whining been made by a crybaby national leader complaining that he has been misrepresented. There was the doctored photo which saw LGE superimposed into a scene of a group of Muslim men ritually slaughtering a cow. Then very recently came the kopiah thingy.

Strange yah, that LGE is so outraged at being portrayed as pious albeit mischievously.

Isn’t is a compliment rather that a Chinese politician who has been promoting the virtues of Islam is actually believed to be alim by someone out there? It only goes to show that Lim’s religious campaign has worked wondrously! That’s the reason he is associated with the kopiah — the Penang CM has earned a virtuous Pak Haji reputation that money can’t buy.

The individual(s), who tampered with the photo, might have superimposed the kopiah only so that Lim can be seen to be in keeping with the  ‘amar makruf nahi mungkar’ public image he has been assiduously cultivating.

After all, politicians have a reputation for being two-faced; the doctored photo merely gave (through the wizardry of digital technology) Lim a headgear that matched his copious Quran-quoting and pious preaching.

See continuation of this posting in Part 2 here.

2 Responses to “Guan Eng’s cybertroopers and two-faced politicians”
  1. FS says:

    On the other hand LGE can also be entered in the Malaysia Book of Records for holding the most number of published doctored photos and MSM media attacks too? Hahaha


    Hartal MSM: Indeed.

    This country has had many opposition leaders for the past 50 years and more. Prior to the doctored photo of Najib lunching with Altantuya that appeared in Tian Chua’s blog — note, like frogging, Pakatan started this trend! — there has not been the crybaby-ing among any of them (including his own dad LKS) about doctored images. Most unfortunately, the pix of KuLi in the Kadazan headgear was genuine; only that a wicked spin was given to it by MSM.

    Yeah, Umar Lim’s supporters should ask themselves WHY (why him, always?) it is that the Caliph holds the record? Perhaps it’s because he’s the most two-faced politician the country’s ever seen?

  2. snow says:

    This trend of suing for libel is not started by Guan Eng. After March 09, and the fall of 5 states to the opposition, many police reports are being made for petty issues against the “oppostion”. Guan Eng has to protect himself from pro-BN mainstream media who paint a bad picture of him. Most of the people in rural areas rely on mainstream media and believe what they read. He does not resort to underhand activites but does it in a civil manner. Some groups are not happy that Guan Eng is doing such a good job in Penang. Lately, a spate of fires has happened in Penang where some are killed and properties lost. Some arsonists are at work and most of those hit are Chinese families. It is evil to set fire and kill people.

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