Whatever did Mrs Chua Soi Lek do that you insult her so?

Lim Guan Eng has accused “certain quarters” — he did not specify the culprits — of being “evil” and “racist” for doctoring his photograph. In the last round of doctored ‘cow slaughter’ photo, he blamed Umno cybertroopers.

Yet Lim’s own cyber defenders are state “officers, who include seasoned and upstart journalists” — quite a pack of media hounds, as FMT reported. (see Part 1 of our posting here)

‘To overcome “unfair reporting”, Lim has set up a powerful communications department which, besides liasing with the mainstream media, is active in the Internet realm.

His officers, who include seasoned and upstart journalists, also helps Lim to make a considerable presence on social media networking sites – the popular Facebook or the micro-blogging site, Twitter.’

‘Active in the Internet realm’? Hmm, a mental picture of volcanoes spewing molten lava of hate is playing before our eyes …

And yeah, we can well believe also that Lim’s powerful media aides roaming the web are a “considerable presence”. The reader’s comment below to a pot-calling-kettle-black story illustrates the point.

The Internet is choked with pro-DAP soot — invectives against Chua Soi Lek, against Koh Tsu Koon, against MCA/Gerakan leaders, against Rosmah, Najib and just about anyone conceivably perceived to be saying a good word for the BN side.

Cybertroopers are like Shakespeare’s Iago (the penghasut in ‘Othello’) and Ah Hoe who viciously poison the air. A result of their handiwork can be seen in the screengrab below.

Our blog and Hartalmsm team — having been one of the targets of DAP cybertroopers before — will vouch for their odious methods of inciting hatred and spreading lies.

Below are readers’ comments to the Malaysiakini Jan 25 article, ‘Tee Yong’s U-turn on alcohol row‘. Tee Yong is Chua Soi Lek’s son. Such venomous climate in online fora is increasingly becoming the norm when cybertroopers are allowed to carry out their agent provocateur operations unhindered.

The ruthless march to Putrajaya will leave a lot of innocent reputations — like Mrs Chua Soi Lek (ref. red underline) and her son’s — injured and bloodied by the wayside.

6 Responses to “Whatever did Mrs Chua Soi Lek do that you insult her so?”
  1. vinnan says:

    Tenang was a state constituency where the MCA used to get at least 66% of the Chinese vote. It is because of DUN seats like Tenang which made Johor the bastion of the MCA among the Chinese electorate. In the latest by-election the MCA could not even garner 45% of the Chinese votes in Tenang. The times have changed and you UMNO Mats still think you can hoodwink the Chinese with your MCA dogs.
    What you see happening to the Porn star and his party is just a small slice of the new ‘war of the running dogs.’ The Chinese have come to the realisation that even if by some miracle they form the majority race in Malaysia, you UMNO Mats will never allow them equal rights. Moreover, they also know that with or without government help the Chinese can survive in this country. Fifty years of institutionalized political, social and economic apartheid will either destroy a people or turn them into steel. UMNO’s apartheid against the Chinese has created a steely resolve to destroy all the running dogs in their community. In simple terms the Chinese realize that while UMNO will never allow them the equal rights they deserve they also know that UMNO’s greed will one day bring the Malays to their knees begging for help from the very people UMNO call pendatangs and prostitutes. When the CPM launched the war of the running dogs most Chinese in Malaya did not see themselves as Malayans. Today, short of the rabidly stupid Chinese the other Chinese see Malaysia as their homeland for they know of no other. They do not want a pack of UMNO dogs to do them in again. They will never allow themselves to be the scapegoat for the failure of Malaysia brought about by UMNO’s ‘Ketuanan’ rubbish. By the way what makes you think Mrs Chus SL is an innocent party in this CSL sordid porn star episode. She knew of her husbands shenanigans.. The hotel where CSL performed in was a favourite place of CSL when he needed special services. She pranced around in her Datin role as people feted her when CSL was the health minister. How she enjoyed all the perks of a ministers wife. Far from being innocent Mrs CSL enjoyed the life of luxury that came with being an UMNO running dog while the Chinese are slapped around by UMNO’s apartheid system against the Chinese. That’s why the Chinese hate Chua Soi Lek and his family along with all the other running dogs in the BN component party. Do you UMNO Mats understand now?


    Hartal MSM: Thanks Vinnan for proving our point.

  2. Repablika says:

    Even a publicly exposed and self-confessed party chairman as an adulterer has been accepted into BN, what moral principals does BN display? another case of internal MCA affair? which has nothing to do with BN? But sodomy is not acceptable? How then about oral-sex? What is politically acceptable?

    • hartalmsm says:

      When Anwar faced sodomy charges in 1998, the Malays — even among those who were unsure of his guilt (or innocence) — felt that even so, he should not have been publicly humiliated like that. The backlash was due to the way in which the Mahathir regime mengaibkan Anwar.

      The personal attacks against Chua Soi Lek’s son, and by implication his mother, is truly beyond the pale. The business of CSL’s video was in 2007. That Pakatan — both their leaders and followers — keep harping on it in the lowest possible manner indicates that they’re unable to live and let live.

      Hence it comes as no surprise how ugly they are, and this DAP-incited ugliness is clearly paraded in the sampling of comments caught in the screenshot above. Do those Pakatan stone throwers possess even a modicum of common decency?

  3. ykh says:

    this CSL.he never looks himself in the mirror.wat he did .
    he bangs PAS,but for what he did PAS has never ask for him to be stoned to death.to be fair to PAS,they are not that bad.don’t u all agree.
    Hartal MSM: Yes, we agree. To be fair to PAS, their leaders are more straight talking (than you know who, and no, we’re not alluding to any BN guy). They’re also more conscientious about their party agenda & deserve respect for keeping the covenant with their support base who want Islamic state.

    The PAS grassroots are also pretty decent folk and their heart is in the right place.

    It’s the Hypocrite First who should look in the mirror (you know who, and no, we’re not alluding to any BN guy).

  4. john says:

    hey vinnan,i think you are racists yourself for calling ppls a dog…i think you should accept the facts that in a country where certain race are the majority ppl..they are given special previliges…can u tell me which country in the world would give more previliges to the minorities…even US. CHINA N INDIA did what u quotes to their minorities race.,the least we should do is to strive for the very best…

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