Salute to Norman Fernandez, deputy chairman DAP Johor

Pix: PAS candidate Normala Sudirman wore cheongsam to woo Chinese voters in Tenang. Will they ever see her wearing it again?

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Respect! The man’s got guts but Norman Fernandez must have hit a raw nerve for the Pakatan crowd to mark down his comment to -61, last we checked. You can read Norman’s feedback in Insider to the story ‘BN using V-day row to split community, says Guan Eng‘.

We’re reproducing the same below:

What hypocricy by Lim Guan Eng, in another act of brinkmanship condemns BN on the issue of valentine day but cannot find the gumption to equally condemn PAS for the statements of its PAS Youth’s leader Nasruddin Hassan and others who have iniated moral police to patrol the streets and disturb the peace on valentine day . It is shameful that Lim Guan Eng would not condemn PAS’s leaders directive to Pakatan Rakyat governments to direct its lical council enforcement, police and RELA to work with PAS to monitor valentine day celebrations.

Now who am I ?
Norman Fernandez
Deputy Chairman
DAP Johor

The reasons why Norman is correct:

  • As I posted earlier, “in the 54 years of BN rule, did we ever hear of Umno stronghold Johor [coincidentally Norman’s state, so he should know] banning the V-Day celebration and deploying the moral enforcers”?
  • It is the religious departments that are campaigning against it. Do BN politicians portray themselves as alim-alim belaka or is it the Cina Pek in the faux kopiah who’s overdoing it?
  • But before Jakim got into the act, the fatwa man — the Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi mentioned by Norman above — already created international headlines when he announced ‘this cannot‘ (biasalah for him, semua perkara pun maksiat).
  • As I’d also said, it is Pakatan states that are responsible for the Talibanization process. Selangor launched its anti-zina campaign as early as last year, and expanded the effort yesterday on Valentine’s eve, officiated by the MB Khalid Ibrahim himself.

This blog can’t speak for Norman, but we did find Lim Guan Eng politicking Islam in his blaming BN to be highly opportunistic. His petty tactic yang tak ubah-ubah itu cukup memualkan.

There are several objectionable aspects to Lim’s Caliph grandstanding. We’ll just refute one that is most disagreeable, i.e. where he sniped at Chua Soi Lek — confident that his rival is a soft target on morality issues.

Lim Guan Eng was quoted by Insider as saying:

“If they truly want to defend Islam, why did they not carry out a campaign against the BN leader that attacked PAS’s female candidate and labelled her as extremist because she chose not to shake men’s hands?

“Why did they not carry out a campaign against the same BN leader who then labelled Islamic nations as backward, poor, corrupt and undemocratic?” asked Lim.

Below are the statistics to speak for themselves. They also speak of the “hypocricy” of Lim Guan Eng’s “act of brinkmanship” (see Norman’s comment above).  These days, we’re not the only ones to be saying so. Even leaders in Lim’s own party are disconcerted by his ‘Let a thousand kopiahs bloom’ fanaticism.

Lim is spindoctoring on the measure of “backward, poor, corrupt and undemocratic” countries. By his account, “Islamic nations” are advanced, rich, not corrupt and democratic.

In what way ‘advanced’? Below are the facts unearthed by Dr Farrukh Saleem, the Pakistani executive director of the Center for Research and Security Studies.

‘Muslim-majority countries have 230 scientists per one million Muslims. The U.S. has 4,000 scientists per million and Japan has 5,000 per million.’

There is a variety of data to augment the pattern indicating Muslim countries are not producing knowledge today. For instance, Dr Farrukh had also found that “there are only 50 technicians per one million Arabs (in the Christian world there are up to 1,000 technicians per one million)”.

Are Islamic countries rich or poor? They may be rich but their people are poor. That is why we saw the revolt in Egypt and Tunisia. Now it’s Algeria, Yemen and Jordan that are restive. Who next? Going by Lim Guan Eng’s spin, it should be a backward and undemocratic country in the decadent West.

A survey on press freedom (See ‘Tunisia, Eygpt and our very own’) in Muslim countries was earlier posted by Hartal. No surprises as to which countries are at the bottom.

As to the criteria of Democracy and Corruption, there is the global ranking. Have a look yourself at the performance of Arab, i.e. Muslim countries:

The Arab League
­ Democracy Corruption
Algeria 125 105
Bahrain 122 48
Comoros 127 154
Djibouti 154 91
Egypt 138 98
Iraq 111 175
Jordan 117 50
Kuwait 114 54
Lebanon 86 127
Libya 158 146
Mauritania 115 143
Morocco 116 85
Oman 143 41
Palestine 93
Qatar 137 19
S. Arabia 160 50
Somalia 178
Sudan 151 172
Syria 153 127
Tunisia 144 59
UAE 148 28
Yemen 146 146
Out of 167 Out of 178

The democracy index is from the Economist Intelligence Unit and the corruption perceptions index is from Transparency International.

In the matter of democracy, Saudi Arabia is at 160 out of 167 countries in the world. In the matter of corruption, Somalia is right at the bottom, No.178 with Sudan to keep it company at 172.

Muammar Qaddafi has ruled Libya 42 years, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said has ruled Oman 41 years and Ali Abdullah Saleh has ruled Yemen 33 years. Yup, these Islamic countries lauded by Caliph Umar Lim sure do possess a vibrant democracy…

The Top 10  democratic countries are Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Canada and the Netherlands. Eh, not a single Islamic country in sight? What lah.

But wait! The most democratic countries in the world do have one trait in common. They are SECULAR. Now why isn’t DAP promoting secularism? Will Umar Lim go back and reread his party constitution?


Please go over to Insider and click the Thumbs Up (icon) for Norman who is being besieged by the bullying DAP supporters in denial.

4 Responses to “Salute to Norman Fernandez, deputy chairman DAP Johor”
  1. hartalmsm says:

    Come on guys. Go over to Norman’s comment and mark up to give him moral support. We — the online public — gotta make the effort to reassure the maverick politicians that their integrity for the truth is appreciated.

    The uglies are shouting really loud to drown him out and thumbing down the rest of the naysayers. It’s quite happenin’ there in the comments section.

  2. gsk says:

    i always dont see china and vietnam there…. why afraid of that communist pigs????

  3. Maz says:

    “Why did they not carry out a campaign against the same BN leader who then labelled Islamic nations as backward, poor, corrupt and undemocratic?” asked Lim.
    Maybe because (Malaysia, Turkey, Lebanon [< 10 years ago prior to Hizbullasation] excepted with respect to backwardness and poverty, at least) they are…duh Lim….duh !

  4. Maz says:

    Yeah, “Palestine” is the second most democratic region in the Arab world
    after HIZBULLASTAN (Lebanon)….that’s a laugh….only of two of these countries
    has actually had elections (flawed though they may be)…you got it, HIZBULLASTAN
    and Iraq. When you consider the result, Shiite ethnocentrism in Iraq and Shiite
    terrorism in Lebanon (and look at Iran now..), what does that say about the
    other Sunni and Shiite Muslim nations ? (not much…).

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