Guardian meet Utusan, Utusan meet Guardian

Pix: Tzipi Livni, former Israel foreign minister

How low can some papers go? If in Malaysia we have Utusan, in the UK they have Guardian which plumbs the depths for their malicious distortions.

Just Journalism has the following report:

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[The Guardian‘s] Corrections and clarifications column acknowledges pull quote about settlement policy ‘cut in a way that may have given a misleading impression.’

On the first day of The Guardian’s Palestine papers expose, on Monday 24 January, when Palestinian negotiators were attacked as ‘weak’ and ‘craven’, a quote from then foreign minister Tzipi Livni appeared in a box, titled, ‘What they said…’. It read:

‘The Israel policy is to take more and more land day after day and that at the end of the day we’ll say that it is impossible, we already have the land and cannot create the state.’ Tzipi Livni, then Israeli foreign minister

However, the newspaper on Saturday acknowledged that the full quote shows that Livni was characterising the Palestinian perception of Israeli policies, and not the policies themselves. What she actually said was:

‘I understand the sentiments of the Palestinians when they see the settlements being built. The meaning from the Palestinian perspective is that Israel takes more land, that the Palestinian state will be impossible, the Israel policy is to take more and more land day after day and that at the end of the day we’ll say that it is impossible, we already have the land and cannot create the state.’

By cutting the quote to exclude the first part of Tzipi Livni’s sentence, The Guardian portrayed the Israeli politician as brazenly admitting a policy of making a Palestinian state impossible.

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As we can see from the Just Journalism entry above, there is a world of difference between the truncated quote carried by Guardian and what was really said by Livni. Given the paper’s consistent track record of vilifying Israel and the Guardian’s proven selective reporting, it is hard to believe that such warping of her comment was not deliberate and done with ill intention.

In fact, Guardian is so sickening that this blog — — which is dedicated to monitoring the sickos there, has commenced a competition with prize money of 50 dollars (we’re assuming the currency is greenback, so that’s RM150) for their readers coming up with the best line on why Guardian sucks.

A sampling of some of the entries are so far:

The Guardian sucks because …

  • they are schmucks
  • nature abhors a vacuum and, since Joseph Goebbels left us…
  • it is a toothless rag
  • because it’s a real vempire, unlike the Jews it writes about
  • it sucks up to suckers
  • of its biased agenda to please/sell to ultra-lefties, islamists and tories, sacrificing truth and a whole nation
  • instead of news, it offers opinion, its own, biased, slanted and partial opinion
  • on the Mideast they report opinion as news and the more anti-Israel the opinion the better
4 Responses to “Guardian meet Utusan, Utusan meet Guardian”
  1. Maz says:

    Guardian=Utusan + Manchester United Football Arrogance=SOPHISTRY

  2. Katharina sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    I used to participate in Guardian CIF; until I got fed up with their Nazi-like censorship of my outright criticism on Islam – after all, Hitler/the Nazis were Socialists! Here are the real truths about increase hatred of the Jews by the Left and Muslim fanatics, across the West! Western leaders should be ashamed of themselves; for letting Muslim fanatics and the Left get away with it too long since Hitler’s days; where the Muslim Arabs including the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-banna and the Turkish Ottomans were among or main God-hating Socialist Hitler/Nazi’s biggest collaborators or advisers! At –

    Anti-Semitic violence doubled in 2009
    04/12/2010 01:29

    European Jews seek multi-nation legislation against bigotry and violence
    A major annual study of worldwide anti-Semitic incidents points to a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism in 2009, with particularly steep jumps in Western Europe and Canada….A significant part of this increase took place in the UK, where violence jumped from 112 incidents in 2008 to 374 last year; in France, where the jump was from 50 to 195, and in Canada, where incidents soared from 13 to 138.
    The US, which ordinarily enjoys a very low rate of anti-Jewish violence compared to the size of its Jewish community, nonetheless saw a modest rise, from 98 to 116 incidents….Most violent attacks in Western Europe came from people of Arab or Muslim heritage, the report found. Yet while the major jump in 2009 was thought to be connected to Operation Cast Lead in January, the baseline of attacks by extreme Left and extreme Right activists has been rising since the early 1990s…..

  3. anak_perelih says:

    you know why the leftist too ‘hate’ Israel///? it’s because Israel treat the arabs/Palestinians like how NAZI treated Jews….

    • Maz says:

      you know why the leftist too ‘hate’ Israel///? it’s because Israel treat the arabs/Palestinians like how NAZI treated Jews….

      Since most Malaysians have never traveled to Israel or visited Auschwitz
      on what authority do you claim expertise ? Is it the 6 million ‘Palestinians”
      killed by Israelis ?

      Oh wait, that’s right…….more have been killed by Hamas and other
      Arab countries than Israel…..but not according to your favourite rag
      Utusan…funny, camps for Palestinian prisoners are far more
      crowded in Gaza and Ramallah than in Israel..wonder why ?

      Next time keep your stupid mouth shut and save the rest of us some
      needed oxygen.

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