Media ‘masturbation’ by Pakatan

The BN-PR ongoing media war sees the blame game being played.

‘State PKR secretary and Penang assembly speaker Abdul Halim Hussein blamed the Umno-controlled media for the drop in Malay support.

He specifically said the Malay-language dailies have created the impression that Penang is led by a DAP Chinese government bent on marginalising the Malays.’ — see Malaysiakini (Feb 16)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence,

‘The Opposition also seems to be misbehaving lately. Their Alternative Media seems to be dominating Pro BN blogs overshadowing them by 10 to 1. The amount of filth churned out daily against the ruling coalition, makes it hard to stomach. Luckily BN still control the Main Stream Media which helps to counter misperception of BN.’ — see Malaysian Mirror (Feb 13)

On the one hand, MSM is pro-BN and on the other, alternative media is pro-Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

Below is a letter relevant to the issue that was published in Harakah, written by Dr Anas Zain Hakim of Seri Kembangan.

PR’s media should avoid Utusan-style reportage


‘It disappoints and pains me to see that these PR media and tabloids have slowly degraded into Utusan Malaysia-type contents and reports. One example is the Selangor state government’s paper Selangor Kini, which is distributed freely. One would be forgiven for thinking that it is inspired by Utusan-style reporting.’

Dr Anas continues:

‘If it [Selangor Kini] wants to prove a point, just report the facts. However, what one comes across are loads and loads of partisan craps [sic] with very little reporting about the progress achieved by the Selangor government. For example, is it proper to report what the political secretary (photo) of the Menteri Besar is saying, when such a designation is normally to advice the MB and not to issue public statements?’

‘I am sure there are many good things done by the Selangor government despite the huge odds stacked against them, but it seems the editors employed to produce this paper (and other papers) are lacking the skill, tactfullness and professionalism to put the message across, other than name calling and partisan statements. In the end, the fence sitters are disgusted and the pro-UMNO Selangorians are not convinced. It then becomes a political masturbation, whereby the editors indulge in self-fulfilling rhetoric.

The Selangor government’s voice is funded by public money, and it should be a voice for all Selangorians regardless of political affiliation. The Selangor state government should rethink its media policies and put their communication apparatus in order. It should be able to draw the line between the party (funded by its members) and government (voted and funded by the people).’

Dr Anas concludes his letter by cautioning, “Just as Pakatan Rakyat should not become a carbon copy of Barisan Nasional, Pakatan-owned papers should not be a carbon copy of Utusan Malaysia and its like”.

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  1. Maz says:

    Media ‘masturbation’ by Pakatan
    Permanent hand disfigurement ???
    Ouch !!

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