Understanding why DAP is so dhimmi

UPDATED: Dhummies wishing upon the moon
(Peter Masry responds to reader)

By Peter Masry

To understand why the leftist parties can be blissfully hand in glove with the Islamist parties, the adage ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is a handy pointer.

You see it today (and also in the past) in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and in Gaza, where Islamist parties align themselves with leftist opposition parties against status quo, secular non-democratic governments (for example, the ones in Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt).

Hosni Mubarak (until recently, obviously), exiled former Tunisian president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika all oppressed Islamist parties (the Muslim Brotherhood, mostly) and leftist parties (socialists, communists and non-status quo nationalists). The Ba’ath Parties in Iraq (before Saddam Hussein) and in Syria oppressed Islamic movements and parties and banned the communist parties which were to the left of the already left-leaning Ba’ath Party.

Now, DAP is no communist organisation by any measure but their perverse willingness to support PAS and act like craven dhimmis in the face of the Islamization onslaught is due to the dual desire of the DAP leadership (I will not paint all DAP members with the same brush) to gain power, in addition to their hatred for Umno (which I understand completely).

When Najib secretly met with Tok Guru recently (obviously to discuss a merger behind PKR’s back), DAP said nothing. It only shows how rather cowardly they are (the DAP leadership that is) and making themselves look like dhimmis and eunuchs.

It took the much-maligned (for good reason) MCA chief Chua Soi Lek – whose name obviously lends well to sexual puns – to protest against Umno meeting with PAS, not that many people believe anything Chua says anymore, while the Lims, Guan Eng and Kit Siang, still command a lot of respect within DAP (well-deserved or not).

So, like many on the hard left of the Democratic Party in the US [Sen. John Kerry (D-MA); Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH); Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT); Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA and Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), and others], you had American politicians (Kerry and Moran are the best examples of dhimmis) bend over backwards to declare the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood a secular organization that was not only not a threat, but must be a part of the new Egyptian government (whenever that is).

This wilful blindness to the reality of radical Islam is due to arrogance on the part of the left [particularly in the Western context] that they are the only ones to have a sophisticated understanding of international affairs mixed with a quaint and archaic notion of global cultural equivalence and Kumbaya-ism, i.e. That all nations and religions share the same values and must get along no matter what.

Notice how the left’s notions of global cultural equivalency directly contradict their other long-held belief in the uniqueness of individual cultures and religions.

The left is left (pun intended) with the irreconcilable dichotomy between supporting the universality of cultures and the equivalency of all cultures while touting at the same time the inherent uniqueness and specialness of (non-Western) cultures. This is the fundamental flaw in leftist ideology; its inability to reconcile two opposing contradictory ideological tenets.

Traditional conservatism, ironically, is the more ‘liberal’ view in that conservatism states that culture is meritorious and should be measured by actual achievements (income, per capita GDP, scientific advances, literacy, health care, etc.) and not perceived or actual past historical grievances.

Thus, Israel does not whine about its historical context but moves forward (for the most part). Singapore does not whine about the separation from Malaysia and separation is only brought up in books by Lee Kuan Yew or interviews of LKY, except when Mahathir and Perkasa whine about Chinese success and Malay rights.

Unfortunately, too many conservatives have abandoned secularism in favour of religious fanaticism of the right wing variety, thereby leaving the mantle of upholding secularism to the left, which is a big, big mistake.

Tunku Abdul Rahman was an example of someone who was both conservative in the traditional sense of the old English-educated Malay aristocracy, yet understood the importance of secularism and defining Malaysian institutions, and he held both views concurrently. He was still a nationalist.

As time passed, by the advent of Tun Abdul Razak, Malay nationalism and Islam started to congeal (where it was separate before) and was fully realised under Mahathir. Yes, Najib may appear more laidback about Islam and less bombastic than Mahathir (in the way Pak Lah was more subtle), but make no mistake that Najib does not buy into the neo-Islamic Malay nationalism. He does, and not any less so than Mahathir.

In the Malaysian context, DAP used to be more like the standard (secular) conservative parties of 30 years ago (before political correctness) that measures success based on merit, albeit mostly Chinese merit. But at least the ‘old’ DAP was not so dhimmi and politically correct.

MCA was, and will always, be a true dhimmi party of Umno because it is a creation of Umno; a Chinese front to foster the illusion of multicultural unity. Don’t even mention the sad state and disarray in the Indian communities in Malaysia.

So, you have the irony and obvious absurdity of MCA as a complete eunuch of the statist Umno cabal in Putrajaya touting Chinese rights, while you have the pseudo-secular DAP, outside the government, doing the heavy lifting for PKR and PAS in the name of a false neo-leftist Malaysian multi-culturalism; as false as the 1Malaysia nonsense of Najib.

Malaysians politicians like the Lims can claim all they want, till the kerbau come home, that they are secular, but UNLESS Malaysian institutions are fully and transparently secular (and they are NOT), secularism at the party level is meaningless.

The boundary lines between Malaysian civil and Islamic institutions are increasingly blurred (if not completely opaque). If Malaysian institutions are incapable of establishing clear and transparent civil and religious delineations, how can one expect Malaysian politicians do the same?

13 Responses to “Understanding why DAP is so dhimmi”
  1. Lwz says:

    SInce you dislike MCA, DAP, PAS, UMNO etc etc ,so what do you want?
    You must think you live in another place where the choices are plentiful and everybody lived happily ever after.
    As you said, Israel and singapore did not whine but made their choices. Now, you do the same: Stop whining and pick your choice: UMNO or PAS?

    • Maz says:

      Your query is very silly: No Malaysian has to choose just between PAS
      and UMNO, nor PKR or Kita or anything else for that matter. Malaysians
      can exercise their right to not vote. Grow up please !

      • Crankster says:

        Maz – problem with not voting is that you’re automatically giving up your vote to BN since it is an opportunity for a phantom vote. I really don’t think there will ever be a perfect party, given that Malaysian ourselves as a whole have not matured in thinking. We will have to whip them into shape as we go along.

        P.S. I know a Brit who currently lives and works in Malaysia because he says the politics in the UK drove him crazy and he eventually had to get away from it all.

      • ong says:


        Opinions you disagree with are “very silly”. People whose opinions you disagree with need to “grow up!” How about I tell you that you are a “piece of shit” because I don’t like the way you respond to other’s comments?
        Ong, aren’t you guilty of a ‘piece of shit’ type of rebuttal to Maz without any reference to the posted article? Coz for me, the ongoing Maz/Fabian exchange is heartwarming to read – shar101

  2. Katharina Sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    Brilliant article as always by Peter Masry! I was in the left movement in Ireland and in M’sia, even joined the PKR; but when I start criticizing Islam (I criticize to instigate movement towards justice in Islam, especially away from brutal Arab-\led Islam); I was treated like dirt. I thought the left was all about fighting for justice but in reality, they are only interested in gaining ruling power, through whatever means, no matter how dirty it is. I was horrified that one left party in M’sia even support the murderous Maoism, which is responsible for the death of over one million Chinese, of mostly intellectuals. Thus is why, in the West, discarding the truths and to fight for true justice, they can ally themselves with Muslim fanatics, who have no regard for justice or equality especially for women/girls, non-Muslims and converts from Islam (like myself). Further, many of these left movement in the West are being infiltrated internally especially the leadership role, by Muslim fanatics that include Muslim Brotherhood agents. The Green parties in Europe for example, are more concerned about bringing in more Arab-led Muslim migrants to ‘invade’ Europe rather than fighting for environmental causes! In M’sia, DAP, are not only betraying the non-Muslims but also Muslims who want to be free; by allying with the clearly power-hungry PAS and Anwar, who intend to bring M’sia towards primitive Arab/Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamic rule. Do not ever forget, how the God-hating Socialist Hitler loves the Arabs-Muslim – after all, the Arab-Muslims including the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem, Muslim Brotherhood founder, Hassan al-banna and the Turkish Ottomans were among or main Hitler/Nazi’s biggest collaborators or advisers!

  3. Fabian Sim says:

    A good article. It’d be great if we could have a perfect party to lean on, with perfect candidates offered. Here we have a choice: either continue supporting MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc which effectively means supporting UMNO, or supporting PR (DAP, PAS, PKR) with the MCLM-SNAP-UBF and PSM.

    While Islamization is a fear that non-Muslims in general have, it’s something we have to risk. We have been living under a BN federal government since our independence. And from what we’ve seen so far, we can extrapolate the path we’re heading to… to the dogs, if that’s what you’re wondering. Similarly, Muslims (or Malays in general) would feel insecure about having the DAP in a position of power.

    Fact is, this is a democracy, and numbers matter. If the majority of Malaysians wish to have a more Islamic flavour to the administration, then so be it. We believe in democracy, do we not? Having Islamic principles would not mean bad governance. If we were to adhere to what is in the Constitution, we ALL have our rights. This means that we need to have good, credible and principled lawmakers elected, and a clean and efficient civil service, with an impartial judiciary and professional police force. We now see that all the branches look to (or should I say tied to) the Executive. So unless there is a balanced federal government, all our whining and bitching for change doesn’t do anything, does it? So unless you believe in “better the devil I know than the devil I don’t know”, isn’t that contradicting progress? We need to risk it if we want to gain.

    The answer to your question (or maybe you don’t have any) is whether you trust the people you elect or not. Like what was stated by MCLM the other day: MPs who follow their consciences and not party whips.

    As for the silence of DAP over UMNO’s meeting with PAS, I guess the DAP leadership have reason to trust PAS to remain loyal and true, eh? Politicians are politicians, and they all have their own agendas, but I think people willing to stick to the fight in spite of jail time and persecution deserve at least a bit of our trust. Observe their actions, and vote wisely.

  4. Paul Warren says:

    Flavour once added can never be removed. You can only dilute it. But its always there. Whether in administration or politics it is better that religion is kept well out. Be it Christianity, Hinduism or Islamic, their tenets should not get into Politics and administration. There is no such thing as an Islamic way of administering a pub or a supermarket. There is just the right way or a wrong way. If indeed someone insists then they should also be prepared to accept that the bad ways are just as Christian or Islamic as the good. Why taint the religion for?

  5. Lwz says:

    The commenter known as Maz wants to wait for the day the perfect party comes along before he/she deigns to go out and vote. That reminds me of my neighbour who is still waiting for her prince charming to turn up and sweep her of her feet and she’s nearing 40..

    Sure Maz, just sit in the house and sulk while other go vote and decide the course of your malaysian life for you.

    • Maz says:

      “The commenter known as Maz wants to wait for the day the perfect party comes along before he/she
      [MAJOR SIC] deigns to go out and vote. That reminds me of my neighbour who is still waiting for her prince charming to turn up and sweep her of her feet and she’s nearing 40..”

      Sure Maz, just sit in the house and sulk while other go vote and decide the course of your
      malaysian life for you.
      Anyone who cannot figure out from whom the article originated (and that PETER is a male name)
      ought not to be allowed to vote in the first instance. Your ignorance has completely given you
      away. And your neighbour sounds like a smart woman; MAYBE YOU CAN LEARN FROM HER.

      • ong says:

        I know a woman named Peter. Her parents wanted to name her Peta but unfortunately the ignorant government staff enter ‘Peter’ in the register and she is now stuck with Peter as her name.

        The second possibility is that you are a pondan and prefer the feminine name ‘Maz’ to either Peter or Masry.
        Well done, Ong. Obviously the concept of ‘Civility enhances discourse’ is totally lost on you – shar101.

  6. ong says:

    I notice that you people are good at dishing out insults such as describing others as silly and telling them to grow up when you either don’t agree with or are not pleased with their comments. You people very likely think you are being very smart and witty with your veiled insults, including the way Peter Masry @ Maz mocked the fellow who didn’t realised that ‘feminine Maz’ was actually ‘masculine Peter Masry’ in disguise. But when the shoe is thrown back at you, you are not so good at catching it, are you? You then accuse the shoe thrower of not understanding the concept of civility.

    You people think it is alright for you to call others ‘silly’ and to tell them to ‘grow up’, but responses with words such as ‘a piece of shit’ or an ‘arsehole’ is being uncivil. I don’t agree with such attitude. As I had mentioned in my earlier comment (which after more than 24 hours is still awaiting moderation), once people start trading insults, where do we draw the line? To me, an insult is an insult, irrespective of whether or not profanities are included in the insult. Your attitude is what I consider to be either arrogant, self-righteous or even the combination of both.

    If this is your lousy hypocritical attitude, then I suggest that you people better give up the ‘hartal msm’ crap. You are no better, possibly even worse than the msm! The world have had enough of dictators being ousted and replaced by a new set of dictators, if you dimwits (pardon me) can understand what I am trying to tell you !

    Whether you publish this latest comment of mine, or place it under indefinite ‘awaiting moderation, or have it expelled is not really important. At least I now know that HARTAL MSM is crap, just like our original Malaysian MSM.


    Hartal MSM: Ong, your earlier comment was not published because your attack on Peter Masry was ad hominem and profanity-laced.

  7. ong says:

    By the way, although msm is crap I still buy one every day, including Tuesdays, without fail. I just like to keep in touch with msm’s crap so that in any discussion on the msm I know what I am talking about. Of course I consider myself to be among those lucky ones not dimwitted enough to believe whatever msm dishes out.

    Rest assured that I will also come back to HARTAL MSM, at least occasionally, so that I can compare the difference between you and the msm.
    Hey Ong, why don’t you help Ah Hoe aka Guwawijaya @ here. And do try your best to catch up with us here – shar101.

  8. derm says:

    I m onli 23years old, but I can see all the changes around miri, sarawak. This small town has changed to a city and it sure feel safe when I m in Miri comparing at other places. I believe this would not happen if SUPP was not our government,


    I agree, Sarawak is a lovely place. I’m even considering migrating to Kuching when (or if) I retire.

    But aren’t you interested at all that Taib’s ex-daughter-in-law can sue his son for RM400mil? Assuming the normal 50% alimony rate, the guy’s worth RM800mil – and that’s just the TRACEABLE worth! How did Taib’s family become BILLIONAIRES? And how come this BILLIONAIRE is not listed in Malaysia’s richest list if he’s legit?

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