Interlok: Cunning Chinese swindles Malay, evicts him like a mangy dog


Page 95 (above): Through this way, our [reserve Malay] land that is protected by law is mortgaged to a foreign race. We are unable to do anything.

Eventually all our property will be pawned (to the Chinese).

Page 64: … mengapa tanah itu sekarang tergadai pada orang Cina ini?

Page 88: “Cina Panjang kata tanah-tanah itu semuanya haknya belaka. Lembu yang kami bela itu pun hartanya juga. Bapa saya telah gadai kepadanya.”

Page 92: Tanah sawah, tanah kampung dan tanah kebun dekat kuala dialah [Pak Musa] yang beli. Tetapi alih-alih waktu dia mati kata Seman tanah itu semua sudah digadai pada Cina Panjang tu, dan orang Cina tu pun dah suruh Seman ini keluar dari kampung tersebut.

Page 95. “Pak Musa [Seman’s father] sudah membeli tanah-tanah itu atas namanya, bukan? Dia membeli dengan duit Cina Panjang, bukan? Berapa dia beli? Katalah tanah sawah itu berharga lima puluh ringgit, Tauke Panjang menyuruh Pak Musa menandatangani satu surat hutang, surat yang mengatakan Pak Musa ada berhutang pada dia sebanyak dua ribu atau tiga ribu ringgit, surat itulah yang disimpannya bersama-sama dengan geran tanah tadi. Kalau Pak Musa mengaku tanah tu haknya, kenalah dia bayar hutangnya sebanyak tiga ribu ringgit tu dan kalaupun Seman ni besok mau tuntut tanah tu, Cina Panjang akan menunjukkan surat hutang bapanya, nah maukah Seman membayar tiga ribu ringgit untuk tanah yang berharga lima puluh ringgit tu?”

Page 96: “Cuma satu jalan saja. Itu pun kalau orang-orang kita mau sedar, mau insaf. Jangan lagi ada orang yang ikut jejak Pak Musa itu,” ujar Penghulu Talib dengan suara yang rendah, diikuti dengan suara keluhan kecil.

(There is only one way. And that is if our people will come to their senses, and realise/be brought to reason. Don’t let others [other Malays] stumble into the same pitfall as Pak Musa.)

Page 101: “Titak apa,” ujar Cina itu kemudian. “Kalau lu titak mau keluar pun titak apa. Tapi lu mesti bayar sewa sama gua.”

Page 103: Kami tak punya rumah, kami diusir sperti anjing kurap,” jawab Seman.

Remember the lyrics of the Biro Tata Negara song ‘Anak kecil main api’? Cautioning the Malays, it goes:

Nenek moyang kaya raya

tergadai seluruh harta benda

akibat sengketa sesamalah kita


5 Responses to “Interlok: Cunning Chinese swindles Malay, evicts him like a mangy dog”
  1. lee wee tak says:

    then who the hell are the officers in Jabatan Tanah? Who forms the state governments that oversee land matters?

  2. Paul Warren says:

    You give them 30% shares according to NEP and they sell it, going back to zero. Then they say they got no equity. Its either very stupid or very clever.

    Wonder if your heading should have been “Clever Malay fools the Chinese to think he has made a good deal.”

  3. Maz says:

    Just like textbooks throughout the Islamic world.

    “Moderate” Turkey is rife with local versions of Interlok
    with (guess ?) Jews and Armenians playing the role
    of Malaysian Chinese and Kurds and Arabs (before
    Erdogan began re-Arabicising Turkey) playing the role
    of Indian Malaysians. Nowadays, in Turkey, Erdogan
    has made the Arabs the good guys again-such a good
    little nationalist he is !

    Arab states, Iran, Pakistan all have local variants
    of Interlok with the usual suspects (historical and
    ethnic stereotypes playing their “role”). I will at least say
    this about Malaysia; at least we openly discuss the
    nonsense that is passed off as cultural history.
    UMNO and Najib may have bought into this rancid
    Malay historical revisionism but most Malaysians
    haven’t. This is a far cry from the larger Islamic
    world where BOTH governments and people
    almost entirely believe in the stereotypes
    of cultural and religious minorities. Acceptance
    of historical revisionism crosses ideological
    lines in most of the Islamic world. The Left
    and the Islamists believe in the stereotypes
    (ironically, for similar reasons). Malaysia is
    a little bit ahead of the game in at least questioning
    the historical lies (at the non-governmental level

    And if you think this wilfull ignorance is going to improve
    with regime change in the Maghreb, Egypt and Yemen,
    you had better think again….

  4. Maz says:

    Wonder if your heading should have been “Clever Malay fools the Chinese to think he has made a good deal.”
    Tak boleh lah

    Ingatlah TDM said “Malays aren’t clever”…..jangan kontradik maaaaa….

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