Interlok: Podah Chua Soi Lek!

Chua Soi Lek says there are “only one or two people who regard it [Interlok] as sensitive”.

He says because it has Malay, Chinese and Indian characters in it, therefore it is a muhibbah book. He says it is a “historical” novel.

What we want to say in reply to Chua Soi Lok is one word — PODAH!


To understand why the Chinese don’t bat an eyelid

when they’re practically portrayed as money whores

denigrated as cruel, conniving, cunning

as sepet sellers of daughters

when their own children will have ‘Interlok’ in school

Chinese remain subservient, silent, selendang-ed


To understand why their shadow will not be glimpsed

in the street when others stand up to be counted


And to understand what makes Ridhuan tick

what makes Caliph Umar Lim the chickenshit

and MCA chief Chua Soi Lek such a fc*k-wit

all is eloquently encapsulated in one picture:


14 Responses to “Interlok: Podah Chua Soi Lek!”
  1. M.P. Nabhan says:

    Hei, here is another racist monger. Who says chinese are not going down the street on this INTERLOCK
    book. He says that MCA is silent eventhough there aresome topics whuch are sensitjve.

    Watchout Hindraf – this is not UMNO alone, the whole BN cronies are out there to victimise we Malaysian

    Shame on you Chua Soi Lek.

    M.P Nabhan

    • Jacky Tan says:

      Forget about CSL, he have no right to represent Malaysian Chinese.
      Just check how many Malaysian Chinese is supporting him, just about thousand of MCA representative only.
      Just check how many MCA Minister/MP/ADUN are won by Malaysian Chinese votes.

  2. My2cen says:

    The whole book is littered with racism, and he says only a few people are sensitive about it! But then, what can we expect from the accidental porn actor? He lives a lie, surrounded by sycopanths, about 1 thousand of them. He used to make fun of Ong Ka Ting about solving issues behind closed door, at least OKT tries. This f***ker just brush aside everything and everyone while he chases for more personal wealth. Ptui!!

  3. LSW says:

    Yes I agree with CSL that interlok is the greatest novel ever written, the government should look into investing a few hundred million $$ to get all Hollywood and Bollywood superstars to act in a malaysian produced epic which i truly believe will take the world cinemas by storm outclassing Ben Hur, Gandhi,Godfather,.Ya Malaysia Boleh!!

  4. Repablika says:

    What can you expect from MCA, it is a party of gangsters and money-faced scrooges since its very inception, they taught UMNO about greed for wealth and corruption. As long as it does not effect them they don’t care, to hell with principles and justice, its each man for himself. How can Ong Tee Kiat be so stupid as to lose to this CSL creep who was caught ……….. before the whole nation but than again as I implied MCA has no scruples nor morals. Its the Kapitan Cina and thugs mentality all along.
    HartalMSM: Comment edited.

  5. Billy says:

    I hate to say this. Instead of demonstrating and getting whacked by the police, it would be better to vote the BN out at the next GE. It is very disheartening to see that despite all the protests by Indian NGOs, the Indians themselves continue to vote for the BN. What does this imply? It just goes to show that many Indians just do not view the Interlok book as sensitive at all and to them whatever is said about them in the book are considered fair descriptions. To organise a successful protest, you need a critical mass, just like Bersih 1.0 and the Indian community just don’t have it. In fact, if I were the Minister of Home Affair, I would have allowed the protest to proceed because of its size and it’s containable without all the water canon and baton charges. No one needs to worry about the Chinese. We are biding our time. The last time, UMNO said our grandmothers came here as prostitutes and now they say, fathers are willing to sell their daughters to earn a living. You think many of us are going to take it lying down?


    Hartal MSM: Billy, to be fair to the author, what ‘Interlok’ said was that Chinese do not place the same premium on a daughter as they do on a son. Hence Abdullah wrote that a poor Chinese would ‘sell’ his daughter — but not in the sense of “sell to earn a living” — while a rich Chinese [the Cing Huat character] would still be willing to trade his daughter for a boy (adopted son).

    As for your conflating the Indian votes returning to BN in the recent by-elections with sensitivity over Interlok …. well, there’s been a hue-and-cry by a whole spectrum of Indians incl. even MIC (altho’ as a BN party it has failed to be effective). Hence Hindraf fingering Umno as the culprit in its ‘Interlok’ march to take place tomorrow.

  6. Billy says:

    Further to my earlier posting, if the Indians are serious about banning the Interlok book, let’s see how they vote at the forth-coming by-election in Merlimau and Kerdau. If the Indians continue to vote for the BN, the Indian NGOs have to re-think about organising a protest.


    Hartal MSM: The Chinese should think about protesting to pressure the authorities to withdraw Interlok as a component of the BM paper. Since BM is a core subject which is a compulsory pass, can you imagine the number of Chinese students affected?

    • Paul Warren says:

      But then Chua was speaking from his experiences and preferences isn’t it? Like other peoples young daughters, if not for that he wouldn’t have had Angeline Yam isn’t it? So, maybe he is only giving his honest opinions based on his debased thinking and experiences. Maybe he is quite o.k. about giving or selling off his own daughters as well….so he does not see that as an insult.

  7. temenggong says:

    Chua Soil Lek will find out tomorrow that it is not just “one of two people who regard it [Interlok] as sensitive”. It shows that he too is out of touch, or does not want to make an issue out of it.

    How the Indians vote has nothing to do with Interlok. That has to do with their acceptance of PR or not.

  8. telur dua says:

    MCA and CSL is reduced to a carricature. Poor bastards.

  9. Vengai says:

    Of course, its no sensitive for this ***** because there many rape and f**king scene and script in that book.

  10. Ganesan says:

    Chua Soi Lek, for you the book may not be sensitive, because we beleive you are morally inept and hence any ill treatment of race is not sensitive to you. You have a big problem of morality and not sensitive to racial slur. One man nectar may be other peoples poison. Please do not moralise.

  11. rajkaml says:

    chua soilek. averyone knows about u. u are great leader.u can record own cd. so ur so so great. ppl always remember u forever.

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