Interlok: Sex scene, rape scenes, suicide by hanging

On page 202 in the unabridged version of Interlok, there is the scene showing Kim Lock (father to the main Chinese character Cing Huat) “mengadakan hubungan jenis” with his mistress Mei Hua, a prostitute, after both get high on opium — as is the custom of their loveless sexual union. Cing Huat’s wife later finds … Continue reading

Interlok: Anwar says it’s a ‘good book’

“God’s gift” to Malaysia — ipso facto de facto leader of God’s Army (Pakatan) — says Interlok is “not a great novel” but nonetheless still a “good one”. He says he does not get the sense that there is any “racist tendency” in the book. [see also 1:50 onwards) “dan tidak terkesan bahawa ada unsur-unsur … Continue reading