Interlok: Anwar says it’s a ‘good book’

God’s gift” to Malaysia — ipso facto de facto leader of God’s Army (Pakatan) — says Interlok is “not a great novel” but nonetheless still a “good one”.

He says he does not get the sense that there is any “racist tendency” in the book.

[see also 1:50 onwards) “dan tidak terkesan bahawa ada unsur-unsur penghinaan mana-mana kaum”.

He repeats, in Malay, his opinion that the novel “tidak istimewa tapi baik”.

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14 Responses to “Interlok: Anwar says it’s a ‘good book’”
  1. bennyloh says:

    Dei thambi, pai tiong, ” ya na myra businrss?”

  2. nordin says:


  3. Sharma says:

    Don’t shoot him directly saying DSAI agreed. DSAI said take into consideration of the people who are not happy with the contents. If everybody wants to target and find fouls at DSAI, there is no point. He made it very clear from his words and expression that the book need to be reviewed. What else you want from him? TO fight for the indians and look bad among Malays or vice versa. You better target the BN government for bringing Interlok. We Indian are not so stupid to blame DSAI for everything. Blame UMNO, MIC, MCA, the handicapped PM and dumb DPM for this.

  4. infansolaris says:

    You can remove the man from UMNO but you’ll never remove UMNO from the man.

  5. FS says:

    To products of btn, it is of course a good book. Anwar is one of them, isn’t he? To introduce a fictitious prose as a standard school history text book is ridiculous. Our educators cannot seem to distinguish between fantasy and the reality. They might as well use “Animal Farm” as a history text book as well.

  6. eagle-eye says:

    Sharma said ” What else you want from him? TO fight for the indians and look bad among Malays or vice versa.”

    A principled politician will fight for what is true and fair, regardless of his popularity. Otherwise he is an opportunist, like a chemileon, being everything to everybody.


    Hartal MSM: Well said, eagle-eye. Since the DAP kopiah-wearing Chinese politicians have kept deathly silent, we take it that they’re dua kali lima — opportunists and chameleons (their secular state flushed down the drain).

    • Sharma says:

      Dear Eagle-eye,

      If you want to fight and win BN, you need strategies and good political artwork to win over the people. Whatever you said was understood by you and me but how about the majority? We can make Anwar a Gandhi by making him a fighter but will that help us to win Putrajaya? The answer is NO. We need solutions and not emotions. Strategy is the name of the game. If BN can twist and turn, we will play the game not to whack money but to to win and transform the country. Do you need principled politician or a strategic politician? How do you satisfy the emotions of all races. Even in companies, there are no principles based business but strategic based business. Why? We know we have principle but is there a need for me to show and shout about it? Will that help? Think about it deeply.

  7. KaKiaYam says:

    As much as I dislike anwar views on Interlok, I commend the blog owner on highlighting this issue.

  8. Repablika says:

    Do people really think DSAI can be a future PM? This flawed character only has revenge in the making and to redeem his lost pride. Like the party hopping frogs he is also a chameleon saying different things to different people at different times. He has always used Indians when the time was right and shunned them when not needed. The recent party election was an eye-opener of how DSAI and PKR works and the principles they display. We still do not have a worthy opposition-party to take over the Federal Government. Perhaps Malaysians deserve what they get from the evil BN Government.

  9. OM7 says:

    Well done DSAI !! You have foolishly destroyed your image amongst the Indians. To say that there are no racist tendencies in this book while it glaringly uses the word “pariah” in reference to Indians in Malaysia is…. SHOCKING. Would your daughter Nurul Izzah say the same thing, knowing that there are 11000 Indian voters in Lembah Pantai alone? Yes, you needed us to win Lembah Pantai and Selangor, but now you haven’t got the BALLS to say NO to something that is hurtful to us. You merely say it needs to be reviewed but in Malaysia that isn’t enough. We need this matter to be discussed thoroughly in Parliament and this book either edited in terms of racial slurs or revoked completely.

    You of all people should be fighting for justice for every Malaysian and yet you DO NOT OPENLY reject the use of such racial slurs. The book may be a “good book” but in my view it should not be used as a school based text book if it uses such hurtful and improper language. Teenagers aren’t matured enough to deal with such difficult issues.




    • Enough is Enough. Lets get rid of DSAI and PKR. They are no better than the BN rouges. We rather contend with a known devil( BN) than a unknown one! PKR is to all intents and purposes a voice in the wilderness. They haven’t seen daylight and reality yet in the last 3 years.
      We’ll have to formulate new strategies to get BN out of PutraJaya !

  10. Gamma Ray says:

    I am an ardent supporter of PAKATAN RAKYAT..But after listening to ANWAR`s comment, I DONT WANT HIM TO BE THE PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA.

  11. If DSAI says it is a good book, then he should also sell his daughters and also his wife !

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