Interlok – itu ata apa salah, ah?

by Eyes Wide Open HartalMSM has received some comments from people who find nothing wrong about the Interlok book being used as required reading in schools. Their reasoning usually goes along the lines of “The things mentioned in the book really happened among Indians and Chinese immigrants what, so what’s the big deal?” Honestly, I … Continue reading

Live report on Interlok Rally

Please read our posting: Interlok: Chinese will happily sell their mothers too 3pm: Some supporters outside Jinjang police station to show support for Uthaya. Other detained at Pulapol in Jalan Semarak. Number of people arrested vary according to different reports. CPO said at his press conference 109 detained, including eight Hindraf leaders. One of them is … Continue reading

Interlok: Chinese will happily sell their mothers too

Here’s our prediction. The rally later this morning at KLCC will be an all-Indian affair. Let’s wait and see, shall we? Now, why is it we don’t think that the Chinese will turn up? Because they see nothing objectionable about Interlok lah. After all it’s a historical book — even Chua Soi Lek said so. … Continue reading