Interlok: Chinese will happily sell their mothers too

Here’s our prediction. The rally later this morning at KLCC will be an all-Indian affair. Let’s wait and see, shall we?

Now, why is it we don’t think that the Chinese will turn up?

Because they see nothing objectionable about Interlok lah. After all it’s a historical book — even Chua Soi Lek said so.

‘Chinese sell their daughters’ — “It’s true what, so why get upset?” Yes, we’ve actually come across such comments online in response to our Interlok Week postings.

In the World of Interlok, Chinese are cheats. “Kalau lu timbang barang, jangan betul sangat,” (page 367) Cing Huat the sundry shopkeeper teaches his son.

Page 368:

Yew Hock memang ada bakat berniaga, dia patuh kepada ajaran-ajaran bapanya. Menimbang barang selalu kurang, berjual beli selalu bertegang urat lebih dahulu. Satu sen pun dia tidak mahu kurang kalau menjual, kalau membeli dia mencuba seberapa yang dapat dikurangkan.

“It’s a fact what, why make noise to complain” — that’s how some Chinese responded, to justify their disinterest in the Interlok affair, unlike the overly sensitive Indians. how .

Cina baik.

The Cina jahat are like Cing Huat who’s a cutthroat moneylender, and his son Yew Hock learning the ropes from his father.

The Cina baik are Yew Seng (Cing Huat’s younger son) … and a few public personalities beloved by the Malays.

Dia [Yew Seng] tidak suka bapanya dan juga abangnya yang terlalu mementingkan wang, sehingga tidak peduli tentang keadaan di sekelilingnya.

The Cina baik, e.g. Yew Seng in Interlok, actually do not like their own kith and kin. They like the Malays better.

About the Cina jahat who are so engrossed in money that “… sehingga tidak peduli tentang keadaan di sekelilingnya …” Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha — “oblivious to their surroundings” could just as well describe those who do not care that Interlok is now compulsory in the classroom.

The Cina jahat Cing Huat “tidak pernah kenal orang-orang kampung itu sebegitu jauh, dia kenal mereka hanya kerana urusan wang sahaja”. (Page 422)

In our previous posting, we highlighted how the descriptions of ‘sepet’ and ‘Cina gemuk’, ‘Cina gelojoh’ (greedy) were repeated dozens of times. The Shylock-like traits ascribed to the Chinese are constantly emphasized as well.

Page 472:

Abang mereka Yew Hock hampir serupa sahaja dengan bapanya, tidak mahu tahu tentang keadaan di sekelilingnya, mereka hanya mahu mencari wang …

Now imagine the entire book running in a repetitive loop, and reiterating all the worst negative stereotypes of Chinese. For example, the description of the mercenary Chinese on page 368 (see excerpt above) is a repeat of page 227 (below):

Yew Hock itu … sifat-sifat bapanya juga ada, senantiasa mahu mencari keuntungan. Dia sanggup bertegang urat leher untuk mempertahankan barang yang dijualnya dengan harga yang telah dikatakannya. Betapa pun juga orang menawar, dia tidak akan menurunkan harga barang itu, tetapi apabila membeli barang orang lain dia akan menawar sampai seberapa rendah yang dapat.

Scanned above, Page 217

Even when there is a dead man in a coffin waiting to be buried, his erstwhile friends who come to pay their respects will be avidly drinking and gambling away.



Page 42: Tetapi orang Cina lain, tidak boleh sama dengan orang Melayu. Orang Cina berniaga, mereka itu mesti tulis … Siapa yang berhutang, berapa banyak hutangnya.

Page 106: Kerana kebodohan Pak Musa telah bekerja mati-matian sewaktu hidupnya dengan Cina Panjang itu tanpa mendapat sesuatu balasan yang setimpal, dan ketika dia mati anak dan isterinya diusir begitu sahaja. Ini baru satu, tentu masih banyak lagi contoh yang lain.

Page 124: Paman Kok Leng. Dia mengira-ngira dalam kepalanya, berapa keuntungan yang akan diperolehnya.

Page 125: Mereka akan menjadi tauke timah hitam, tauke getah, tauke apa sahaja. Mereka akan menjadi orang kaya.

Page 138: Cing Huat hanya ingin satu saja. Dia ingin melihat pokok berbuahkan emas, berbuahkan duit.

Page 140: “Soal suit tak ada musuh, musuh ialah orang-orang yang mahu menghalang kita cari makan.”

Page 155: Dia, orang yang sudah ada pengalaman, ada duit dan duitnya itu beranak dan beranak.

Page 156: Dalam kota besar dan asing serupa ini orang tidak boleh kasihan, kalau kasihan kita tidak boleh kaya. Di sini wang yang menjadi ukuran. Dalam dunia ini wang itu Tuhan nombor dua.

Page 160: Aku mahu can wang …

Page 161: Asal dapat wang kerja apa pun boleh.

Page 177: Dia hanya fikirkan bagaimana dia dapat mencari wang dan menjadi kaya lekas.

Page 198: … dia sudah mulai sedar bahawa di Rantau Selatan ini, bukan semangat nenek moyang yang dapat menolong, melainkan wang ringgit.

Page 231: Kekayaan mesti ditambah, seperti dia menambah kekayaan yang ditinggalkan oleh bapanya dahulu.

No need protest, just vote

While the Indians — from NGOs to writers groups to political parties — have been up in arms over the content of the novel, the Chinese selamba aje. None of the Chinese are hopping mad like the Indians.

Or else they say, “Aiyah, no need to protest lah. When election comes around, we show our dissatisfaction through our votes.”

Remember to vote Pakatan! They will (quietly) save you from Umno. They will (silently) defend you from Umno.

The Pakatan leaders will speak up (loudly) for you!! Urm, perhaps not on ‘Interlok’. But maybe on some other issue they might, yah?








11 Responses to “Interlok: Chinese will happily sell their mothers too”
  1. kenny Loh says:

    Yes, we will silently vote.

  2. Lwz says:

    I am a chinese. Yeah, we don’t make noise although we are pissed with Interlok. The Indians get drenched, beaten and f**ked. And what did that get them? The answer: Nothing. So why go down a proven useless route? Forget the Arab upheavals. Non of that is going to happen here because the Malays are willing to let UMNO get away with it.

    UMNO loves sadism. They just wait for any hapless fool (indian and chinese) that comes along and gives them any reason at all to imprison and beat the s**t out of them and strangle them with their own intestines, that’s what they will do. In fact they were hoping to kill off the 10 million non Malays here if at all possible to do this without too much reprisal.

    So yeah, I’ll just vote, thank you. It’s the only way, although it is heavily skewed in their favor. There simply isn’t any other. Either that or look for another country.

  3. Lwz says:

    And we shall see if the next GE comes along, will the Indians go back to voting for BN? I bet they will! By them will Hartal MSM be fuming about the Indians instead? Ha ha.

    • harimau malaya says:

      indians more concern about daily expenses rather than future or interlok.who educated totally in their own world work,family, small percentage bother about interlok willing decide in ge.others maybe talk but no action

  4. Jonathan says:

    Yep…the Chinese will take the Burmese route…wait a few generations before change comes…if it ever comes…that is if LKS doesnt die under house arrest like Suu Kyi..

    But to expect the average Malaysian Chinaman to act like Arabs…and actually die for a cause….that too will never happen in Malaysia for one simple reason……

    China takut mati…

  5. max says:

    i think the indians are overall masochists, i.e. they liked to vote in those people that treat them liked dogs……or they forget very easily……….


    Hartal MSM:
    From the trend of the some of comments we’ve been getting, we see a simplistic and one-track criticism of Indians voting BN. But let us throw a question back — over the last three months, which Pakatan leader has condemned Interlok? Did Pakatan show any support for the rally yesterday calling for the withdrawal of the book?

    • infansolaris says:

      As seen here and in, the (convenient) consensus among most Chinese is that Indians are to be blamed for keeping BN in power by reverting to them post March 8 (and shortchanging PR of their conquest of Putrajaya). Just how this is so is beyond me. Especially when Indians are disillusioned with both racist coalitions. As of July 2010, Malaysian Chinese make up 26% of the population while Indians, a mere 7.1% (a large number of whom don’t even vote). How in the world this divided (and uninvolved) 7.1% be responsible for BN’s continued hegemony defies explanation. Its not even statistically possible.

      Its evident that the majority of this 26% Chinese population, by their sheer numbers and assisted by many of the Malays and other Bumiputera groups who make up 65% of the population, is in fact far more capable of keeping these racists in power than a small bunch of disenfranchised and divided Indians. The numbers don’t lie. The Malays are politically divided and going by BN’s continuing might, most of them are UMNO loyalists. Who do you think is helping them consolidate UMNO’s domination? The 7.1% disenfranchised, disillusioned and divided Indians? Yeah, right.

      Yet, we hear the Chinese bitching about the deceitfully concocted allegation that the 7.1% (divided) Indian population is responsible for screwing up our future by keeping BN/UMNO in power and that they deserve everything that UMNO dishes out to them. Its apparent that in reality, the Chinese are manifestly more guilty of keeping BN in power than the Indians and possibly even the Malays. And yet, most Chinese conveniently use the Indians as scapegoats while quietly wheeling and dealing with UMNO (it’s a known fact that federal allocations for Chinese schools are far greater than anything a cow-shed Tamil school could ever hope for and even the number of Chinese cronies of UMNO far outnumber the Indian ones). The Indians may or may not revert to BN (or PR for that matter) but its quite apparent who here is really keeping UMNO in power. Silently vote? But vote for whom? Silently vote, my ass. The gutless, stinking hypocrisy of it all.

  6. harimau malaya says:

    problems indians not united from those days till now,muslim.hindus.subraces tamil,malayalee.telegu,punjabi,ceylonese and so on.high class,middle class,low low income indians concern everyday expenses so interlok for them nothing.middle class and some in high class who bother to talk maybe will vote base on long indians not united to against interlok its will appear in secondary school book

  7. Ruth says:

    What is the educational context or importance that makes the Interlok book required reading for ‘O’levels? all it seems to be is a doctorine of hate, to create a climate of them and us,

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