Interlok – DBP Violated Its Own Guidelines

by Eyes Wide Open HartalMSM recently came into possession of a document used by Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP) in evaluating manuscripts submitted to them to be considered for publication. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the manuscript conforms to their standards. This form does set out some pretty good criteria, worthy … Continue reading

Interlok & Hitler

Only one bad religion in the world

Overheard: (Translated) Even though I’m a Muslim, I’m okay with the doa of people of other faiths. I think all doa of whatever religions pray for good things … with the exception of Zionism. Zionism teaches people to mabuk dan berfoya-foya. (Malaysians say the darnest things. You couldn’t make this up even if you tried.) … Continue reading

Pious man visiting prostitute? Can meh?

We received the comment below yesterday to our posting ‘Messiah Anwar, his God’s Army and their paroxysm of violence’. So just because Chua Soi Lek owned up, Anwar should do the same. Seems like not only does one have to give up on the Star, but also this site. Thanks for letting me know. — Kesu … Continue reading

New Definition Of “Trial By Media” Courtesy of Utusan

by Eyes Wide Open In 2010, A-G Abd Gani Patail advised Khir Toyo not to pursue a trial-by-media in his land fraud case. He said that whatever he said in the media could be used against him and “The more you say, the more you are going to hurt yourself.” This is probably the first case in the world … Continue reading

‘Why are some Indians so sensitive?’ asks Cambridge PhD

Dr Neil Khor, who tells readers that he holds a Cambridge doctorate, defended Interlok early in the debate when the controversy first erupted. In his article, Khor asks “Why are some Malaysian Indians so sensitive?” Writing in Malaysiakini on Feb 7 under the headline ‘Literary freedom and the need to inter-logue‘ — or click to … Continue reading

Messiah Anwar, his God’s Army and their paroxysm of violence

Pix: ‘God’s Gift’ parting the Red Sea. Also see Insider’s ‘Anwar function turns ugly as crowd attacks cops‘ By Sharifuddin A Latiff If this man is a gift from God to the people of this country, then he has to fulfil a ‘God-ish’ quality control criteria which are unlike man-made standards (admittedly fallible). It’s only … Continue reading

What’s Madonna’s ex-hubby been up to lately?

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Sikh is S’pore new army chief today

Brigadier-General Ravinder Singh takes the post today as chief of the  Singapore Army. He replaces Major-General Chan Chun Sing. Story, ‘Sikhs in Singapore: Turbanators with rich tradition of donning uniform‘

What’s DAP gonna do about Interlok?

“I read the novel and found it repugnant not only to the sensibility of Indians Malaysian but also to Chinese Malaysians, and even Malays,” — M. Kulasegaran DAP vice-chairman Observing that Interlok has a political agenda, Kula added too that the novel is vile and gross. He was reported by Malaysiakini as saying, “You can’t … Continue reading