‘Are your parents pariahs?’ — Pg headmaster

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Two police reports have been lodged against SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman headmaster Ng Tong Koang, 56.

Hindraf Makkal Sakti’s Nibong Tebal deputy chief P Murugan claimed that Ng had told off the parents of some Indian students during assembly for making a  prohibited U-turn just outside the school.

“Why are your parents not listening? Are your parents pariahs?”

For the rest of the story, go to FMT.

Now do you see the wider ramifications of Interlok?

Observe the trend. The Kulaijaya Malay principal bullied Indian and Chinese students. The Bukit Selambau Malay principal bullied Chinese students. This Nibong Tebal Chinese principal is alleged to have bullied Indian students by publicly degrading their parents.

There’s a pecking order to be seen, and Indians are at the bottom of the food chain. In our previous posting, we touched on Chinese who are racists against Indians.

A consequence of their desperate pandering to Malay supremacy to win Malay votes has only made the racism against the Tamil underclass worse, like in DAP-controlled Penang where Indians are the smallest minority.

Allowing Interlok in schools is to halalkan the arbitrary application of the ‘pariah’ word and other race prejudices.

14 Responses to “‘Are your parents pariahs?’ — Pg headmaster”
  1. vasantha says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is sad to see yet another educationist insult the children under his charge. We have to face up to the fact that we are fast becoming a nation of hypocrites.Racial unity is a kodak moment, a photo opportunity. The true picture is not a pleasant one. Indian children are being insulted in many schools in Malaysia. Why, this impatience and lack of tolerance and compassion to this group of people. The only answer that I can think of is that they are a marginalized group. Their feelings do not matter. They should be grateful for what ever bread crumbs thrown their way. The principal has forgotten that children too have dignity. Their self esteem and racial pride cannot be that easily eroded. I am sad because I thought that the teaching profession is a ‘calling’. We who are in it must exercise great restrain in what we say for we build characters and minds.

  2. Equaliser says:

    In 3/4Malaysia, Indians have to choose between Ketuanan Melayu or Ketuanan China. Its one or the other. Chindraf i.e DAP only wayang kulit for Malaysia for All bulshit.

    • cc says:

      what to do , asked your own race la , why they have been treat like “that” by the Malay & chinese .

  3. FS says:

    This may be a turning point. It may sound crazy. I hope more police reports will be lodged, the more the better. Let’s hope the remark by the headmaster will be politicized. Who knows. It might make our MoE rethink about introducing the novel as a text book.

  4. eagle-eye says:

    Guys you may criticize me for saying this, but the Chinese are more racist than the Malays. In fact the Malays learnt racism from the Chinese.


    Hartal MSM: Hahaha. We agree … we know what you’re talking about dude. Some food for thought: Since the Caliph Umar Lim and his little elves are appeasing Ketuanan Melayu, doesn’t that leave the Indians at the receiving end of a double whammy dose of racism?

    • Ruth says:

      Are the Malaysian Indians aware of caste structures within the Chinese group? Check this perhaps the Chinese headmaster is a low caste Chinese and not hokien. It is not just tit for tat . Lets take it further as for the Malays parasites, the true pendatangs , who robbed as of our blood sweat , tears, achievements, opportunities and more, they are like chop suey . Their culture, language, and almost everything is derived from Chinese or Indian culture. So these chimps think they are superior to what, thought , action, or paranoia.?

      • Er…I don’t think there are castes in Chinese society, at least not an entrenched and systemised system. The Chinese mindset however clearly distinguishes between social classes, epitomised by the Chinese proverb “a bamboo door with a bamboo door, a wooden door with a wooden door”. Meaning that one should not be intimate with a person of a different social status.

        To the Chinese, education is the key to better opportunities and by extension, more wealth. The traditional view is that the more highly educated you are, the more refined your character will be, and more opportunities for wealth will present themselves.

        To traditional minded Chinese, one of the greatest insults you could hurl to someone is to accuse them of being uneducated. It not only means you cannot read and write, but also implies that you have no manners, have rough behaviour, are ignorant of social etiquette, have no social responsibility, etc – basically an overall low-class character.

        I’m guessing that the HM here equated “pariah” as the Indian equivalent of the Chinese “uneducated” insult.

  5. Kenntzen says:

    human being are naturally kind to others. We could sympathize with animals, why not our fellow being.

    The only thing that we could not stomach is those lazy & spoon feed spoiled people, be it of any races.
    The worst are those being indoctrinated by BTN and religious extremism, who only think that they are the only
    God made children and the country owned them a living. This group of people only mingle among themselves
    to the extend that they forget that they are living in the universe of multi religions and races.

    Try opening up your space mixing with the minority races and find out why your majority race is being stereo typed.

  6. Doomday says:

    For the Malaysian Indians to survive in a racialistic Malusia, it’s best to imitate Mamakkuty masquerading himself as a Malay, or more malayness than the malays and talk like more holy than the malay-muslims. That’s why the mamaks survive very well in this divisive Malusia.


    Hartal MSM: By Caliph-ing too?

  7. Oneofthesedays says:

    the malays never told their kids that “the indian man is coming to get you”.

  8. infansolaris says:

    I was brought up with Ghandian principles in a multi racial family. I was taught that all races were equal before God. Not once did my parents attribute personality or character flaws to ethnicity or indulge in racial profiling. I wasn’t even told about bumiputraism. I had to find out about it the hard way when I was growing up. Along the way, I also discovered just how racist most Chinese are, especially when it came to dark skinned people. I concur with eagle-eye. The Chinese are by and large the most racist people I have come across. Even my Chinese wife and other Chinese relatives think so. Sadly, the Chinese will never admit to their racist nature simply because to them, the belief that being superior to other races vindicates them of racism. Strange but true.

    I however disagree with eagle-eye that the Malays actually learnt racism from the Chinese. A large part of my childhood and adult life was lived in a predominantly Malay environment. Some were racist but most were not. Bigoted maybe but not predominately racist. I don’t think that Malays were inherently racist ab initio. I think their racism today actually evolved from the primal instinct of self-preservation into a defense mechanism against Chinese racism and supremacy. I hypothecate that if it were not for the potential ‘yellow peril’ threat to their existence, the Malays would not have concocted the retaliatory and reactionary idea of Ketuanan Melayu.

    • Ruth says:

      Please illuminate us then on this. The Malays have been a majority, supposedly god fearing , then would it not have been reasonable to exercise moderation for the sake of peace , harmony, and a single meaningful citizenship for all Malaysians.Despite having created a haven for themselves with special privileges etc, why then do they act like spoilt children , they wave your knives about when they do not win their type of racialistic and religious politics, We are not in the school playground , but I guess with head teachers , politicians and poets like yours in Malaysia, Malaysia is developing truly backward indeed. Malaysia is beginning to look more like something coming out of Africa. Hooray for 53 years they have managed 1 thing if nothing else to copy the oppressors. So they think themselves superior as a Chinese or Malay , or as a white ? How sad ? I used to have friends from all denominations Chinese, Indian ,Malay and others. That was what was great about Malaysia for me at one time. I know you cant have this again without mutual respect , equality , understanding for each other, race, culture, religion or anything else.

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