Interlok rally: ‘Umno rasis’ / ‘Cina tak malu’

Malaysiakini.TV has footage of S. Jayathas’s arrest by police. The HRP information chief was nabbed when he started to chant “Umno rasis, Umno rasis”.

You can still see the large bruise on Jayathas’ right arm from his last rough handling by police during the build-up to the rally.

The Malaysian public is well aware of the double standards by PDRM, our Royal Malaysian police.

When Perkasa demonstrates, the police do nothing. When the Muslims demonstrate over the azan complaint and kick a cow head, the police do nothing.

When Umno Youth demonstrates, “instead of being detained for questioning, [its chief] Khairy was given police escort,” alleges Coalition of Malaysian Indian Associations secretary G. Gunaraj.

Gunaraj was referring to Khairy Jamaludin leading the demo against Israel over the Mavi Marmara incident where Israeli forces boarded the Turkish ship.

Ng Wei Aik — a DAP state assemblyman and Lim Guan Eng’s political-secretary — was among the very first to condemn Israel and eagerly support the Palestinians.

Ng had famously denounced Najib Razak for the latter’s slow response to the flotilla breaking the Gaza blockade, complaining that Najib took 12 hours to register his anger.

So Najib took half a day to respond to the Israel operation against Mavi Marmara. But Ng’s party DAP has spent the last 3 months being unresponsive to Interlok‘s ‘pariah’ denigration of Indians.

Pakatan support Palestinians, Libyans but not Indians

While DAP and Pakatan strongly support the Palestinians, they did not support the Indians at the anti-Interlok rally.

Pakatan support the Libyans against tyranny, yet they did not support the Indians who walked alone on Feb 27.

Lim Guan Eng is the harshest critic of Israel (you can view his rant against the Israel security forces here) but has nothing to say about all the injustices against our own fellow citizens of Indian ethnicity — better luck with Lim if they were Muslim instead of Hindu.

In fact, Pakatan went as far as to sabotage attendance at the rally.

DAP Senator S. Ramakrishnan sms-ed on the eve of the rally:

“Don’t fall for selfish people who are using you for their selfish aims. Go to Merlimau not KLCC.”

When Hartal went to the ground during the rally, we got the chance to speak to some Hindraf supporters who gave us their frank opinion of what they think about the Chinese. One guy said:

“Have the Chinese read Interlok? Do they know what’s written in the book? Cina tak tahu malu ke?

They are amazed that Chinese don’t even flinch when typified as ‘selling their daughters’. But then again, Chinese will happily sell their mothers too.

We wondered why Uthayakumar fingered Umno’s racism as the rallying cry on Feb 27. After all, Hartal finds some Chinese to be bloody racists too, such as Guan Eng’s cybertroopers.

Uthaya explained that Umno’s racism is institutionalized, hence the anti-Interlok rally was necessarily a march against state-sanctioned racism. Interlok will similarly institutionalize bigotry among the young.

In a nutshell, the novel teaches that a good Chinese is someone (in the book, a character named Yew Seng) who is almost exactly like Ridhuan Tee except for the religious conversion.

A bad Chinese is a cardboard caricature by Interlok author Abdullah Hussain.

Jayathas — the Hindraf info chief in the video clip — is a soft-spoken and unassuming man, and an activist who does what he must do to oppose.

Pakatan on the other hand elects to appease, as how you can see for yourself in the behaviour of their elected representatives, especially some of its Aduns (nope, this time we’re not referring to Caliph Umar Lim) in Penang darul Amar Makruf.

11 Responses to “Interlok rally: ‘Umno rasis’ / ‘Cina tak malu’”
  1. JasonLim says:

    Interlok or no interlok, recent by-elections revealed that while the chinese votes stay relatively the same as 308, the indian votes were swinging back to BN=>Umno=>Perkasa=>mamakthir. How?


    Hartal MSM: The insidious Interlok agenda should correctly be laid at Umno’s door because they control the Education Ministry and BTN. Hence the rally was called the ‘march against Umno’s racism’.

    However, as to the Indian votes swinging away from Pakatan, it’s because the Indians, rightly, are also angry at the betrayal. A current example before our very eyes — Pakatan will rally for Libyans but not for Indians.

    After Kg Buah Pala, the Indians opened their eyes to DAP’s true colours and LGE’s arrogance. If you’re a Chinese, you may not be able to see this as yet. However, your community’s turn to be victimized will come.

    • JasonLim says:

      If in the by-elections in merlimau and kerdau, the malaysian chinese and indian swing they votes to BN, do you think the BN goverment will back down in this interlok issue?

  2. Equaliser says:

    Chindraf i.e. DAP, only protest when pig abattoirs are demolished and pig meat are prevented from sale at the local market. Chindraf leaders i.e Lim Eng Guan showed their true colors in the Kg Buah Pala.


    Hartal MSM: DAP are not Chindraf. They are aspiring Ridhuan Tees, if the Caliph Umar Lim has his way.

  3. Veritas says:

    I’m not a DAP cybertrooper but this my honest opinion. DAP now has more Indian MPs than any other party. The DAP has made it possible for any qualified Indian to run for Parliament. If you’re in the MIC, you probably need to be a Hindu, a Tamil and belong to the right caste to be drafted into the list of candidates. My second point is that Hindraf-HRP has a strong left-wing ideology that is a liability for any party seeking to form the govt. of Malaysia. They once demanded that Malay special privelages be abolished. In Kg, Buah Pala, they demanded that the Penang state govt. bankrupt itself to save the land of residents who have already been offered houses worth half a million each. They also perpetuate a ‘Indians are marginalised, Indians are helpless’ mindset, reducing the community’s esteem. The DAP on the other hand takes the pan-racial approach by acknowledging that poor and oppressed people exist across Malaysian society.


    Hartal MSM: Veritas, nope, we don’t think you’re a DAP cybertrooper. You make a reasonable and sensible argument. LGE’s hired guns (no standard) are quite incapable of doing that.

    However, it’s sad that supporters of Pakatan are not capable of being open to counter-arguments without hurling accusations of ‘traitor’, ‘Trojan Horse’, ‘Umno plant’ etc. That you felt that the need to be defensive is a sad indication of the oppressive climate in Malaysian cyberspace — for which Pakatan is largely responsible.

    However, Umno is largely responsible for our police state climate, which is infinitely much worse.

    We’ve said this a little while back and we’ll say it again, i.e. that Hartal was formed in 2007 and pre-election, we were hard on BN, Umno and MCA. Yet in all the time that we’ve been operating, no one from Umno or MCA has ever accused us of being paid by PKR or DAP when we were critical of BN.

    But when we started being critical of Pakatan, particularly DAP, their cybers declared open season to defame us.

    • hartalmsm says:

      (1) About Hindraf asking for Malay special privileges to be abolished, they had correctly pointed out the recommendation by the Reid commission (who drafted the Federal Constitution) saying the quotas for Malays should only be in place for a period of 15 years after Merdeka. Hindraf were the first Malaysians who dared to take on this matter in the public domain, as after May 13, the govt. had made any talk (about dissatisfaction with the Malays getting coddled from cradle to grave) liable to sedition. Without Hindraf bringing this up, the tsunami of March 8 would never have happened.

      (2) In Kg Buah Pala, the heart of the matter is the hanky-panky that occurred in the Land Office, hence the buck stops with the state govt (ultimately LGE). There were some seriously shady dealings going on and abuse of power albeit it occurred during the previous Gerakan administration. The Indians are rightly incensed because prior to March 8, 2008, when Guan Eng was campaigning in the state, they (Indians) had already brought up the issue of Kg Buah Pala and reminded DAP to remedy the situation if it wanted their votes. However, in the excitement of suddenly becoming state govt., Pakatan overlooked this issue (of the CBT &amp with corruption esp. over land being rather commonplace) due to pressing time constraints; before the messy deal reached a point when it became too acute to rescind, but do remember that DAP really could have salvaged the situation and not permitted the developers to cheat the villagers (details are complicated — pls look up HRP website) who were bestowed the land by tauke Brown. That DAP itself become complicit with the developers is the source of the backlash against the party and the arrogant LGE administration over Kg Buah Pala.

      (3) We heard it on good authority the state was so vindictive that those ‘ringleaders’ who opposed the capitulation (i.e. eviction) were denied compensation. As to whether the rest of the residents are REALLY going to get their double-storey terrace houses, pls see below. We’ve copypasted Anil Netto’s postscript last July.“I am not quite sure how the compensation of double-storey terrace houses for the displaced Kg Buah Pala residents fits into the compensation details shown on the board above. And 53 units?

      “The board shows that the building plan was approved on 7 December 2006. The double-storey terrace-house offers were made to the residents last year. The project details for the property development at the site of the demolished Kampung Buah Pala have been put on public display.” — Anil

      Hartal: Note that the board says, under (B), that a 21-storey, medium-cost condo block comprising 196 units will be built, and the “squatters” are getting 53 units.


  4. Maz says:

    Dhimmis in UMNO and in the opposition will always scapegoat
    the usual suspects (THEM JOOOOS !!) as it wins Malay votes,
    sadly. Even more, Khairy, Lim (both Lims) are, like many Malaysians
    unfortunately, parochial and not urbane at all. Verbosity and a
    reasonably good command of Bahasa or English does not make
    one intelligent and wordly. Neither Lim has been to Israel and
    despite the ban, many Malaysian Chinese Christians have
    found ways to visit Jerusalem, Bethleham and the Jordan
    River given that Israel does not ban Malaysians-they simply
    do not put a visit visa stamp on the Malaysian passports.
    Imagine that, the Israelis LOOKING OUT FOR THE INTERESTS
    OF VISITING MALAYSIANS so they will not get in trouble when
    they return home to Malaysia.
    Contrast this with Mahathir’s fumbling, ridiculous, clumsy and
    moronic attempt to sneak across the Allenby Bridge separating
    Jordan from Israel (“West Bank”) several years ago (I think 2008)
    to visit Arafat (or was it Abbas, not sure) in Ramallah. When Israeli
    customs stopped Mahathir (recognizing who he was-a comment on the
    high educational level of Israeli border police relative to counterparts
    elsewhere) and arrested him for illegal entry, he ranted and railed
    like the sick spoiled child that he is, “Zionist Apartheid ! Zionist Apartheid !”
    (let me take a quick break here to go get my violin). Mahathir
    was subsequently, yet politely, deported back to the ever pleasing
    waiting arms of King Abdullah II in Amman.

    This is one of the most precious memories I have that
    I will take with me to the grave. The Jewish Zionist
    “enemy” humiliating Mahathir in person. Let that be
    a lesson to Caliph Lim and Pappa Lim and the other
    hypocrites in UMNO and in the opposition. Don’t whine
    about things of which you have no knowledge whatsoever.

  5. Oneofthesedays says:

    why pray tell are you peddling the pork loving caliph’s talking points like “The DAP on the other hand takes the pan-racial approach by acknowledging that poor and oppressed people exist across Malaysian society.” and “they demanded that the Penang state govt. bankrupt itself to save the land of residents who have already been offered houses worth half a million each. “. money resonates like nothing else with your kind. we know.

    the KB folks never did moron. It was spin spin spin by Ah Boy LGE and his eunuch mandores.

    Hartal MSM:
    Commented edited.

  6. Equaliser says:

    Chindraf AKA DAP threatened to quit the Pakatan govt in Kedah in 2009 over a pig abattoir which was to be relocated. So for for Chindraf, pig abattori and pig meat sale at local market more important than some old Indian villages.

    Remember Lim Kit Siang and DAP was the chinese version of Hindraf from the 70s, 80, and early 90s. Only late 90s DAP switched to ‘Malaysia for All’ thingy…

  7. Maz says:

    It seems what UMNO, Perkasa and Mahathir and other “special rights advocates”
    really want is for Malays to be protected from themselves as much as

    “Thou shalt know thine enemy and it is thou..”

    UMNO sent almost 80,000 Malay students to the USA in the
    1970s and 1980s on Petronas and other scholarships
    to better themselves and use their skills once they come home.
    Billions of ringgit were spent on these scholarships overseas.
    Not all who went were sons and daughters of elite Malays.
    Maybe it was a waste of money, but I don’t blame UMNO for
    this scholarship program. Perhaps poorly conceived with little
    follow-through but it was the right approach to educate
    middle-class Malays 30 years ago. More recently, UK and
    Australia replaced USA for Malay-based overseas scholarships,
    while non-Malays, of course, have always had to pay their own way
    overseas. Where are the innumerable graduates of Southern
    Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Ohio University,
    Western Michigan University and other KMA (“Kampung Melayu
    Amerika”) today ? What are they doing in Malaysia ?

    For rural Malays who rely on subsidised education in national schools,
    remember who is paying your tab. If you want Chinese and Indian Malaysians
    to help subsidise your education it might be best to dispense with the
    Interlok, Perkasa and Pendatang crap which hardly fills
    non-Malays with feelings of national warmth to then run out and
    help their fellow citizens.

    Malays that somehow feel praising non-Malays for their contributions to
    Malaysia is traitorous and haram have an inferiority problem and better bloody
    well own up to it like mature human beings. Non-Malays should not be expected
    to carry the burden of feelings of inferiority on the part of Malays; neither,
    however, should they ignore those feelings alltogether. They are legitimate
    and need to be addressed, fairly and equitably (no cow-heads, no church
    burnings, no red paint on suraus, etc.)….

    Education is the primary means of inculcating feelings of self-worth
    and I mean SECULAR education. Malaysia’s primary and secondary
    educational systems are a shambles and need to be completely
    revamped. At the moment, Malaysia’s educational programs only
    serve to exacerbate internal cultural and religious divisions not
    reduce them. Unfortunately, I see little evidence for reaching
    a consensus on education reform let alone anything else-but
    I hope I am being unduly pessimistic.

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