Pakatan ban critical press, supporters jeer articles

Hat-tip to blogger Scott Thong for the image above. By Hartal MSM 2×5 or dua kali lima: Like Pakatan, like blind followers. Erna Mahyuni writing in Insider explains why she has “mostly given up on Pakatan Rakyat”. In her article ‘Press freedom is not selective, Pakatan‘, she writes: “Once I believed DAP could be the … Continue reading

Interlok – haiya, kasi lia olang cakap lah!

by Eyes Wide Open When talking about Interlok, affluent liberals of all races continue with their cries of “Don’t be so sensitive la!” “Let them la, next election we will vote them out!” “Things described in the novel really happened, so what?” Tragically, such people are still choose to be ignorant of the fact that … Continue reading

Translate This Into Votes

By Crankster For all the ruckus that the Indians have been whipping up over the ‘Interlok’ issue, it looks like the Chinese have been insulted far worse in the novel. And yet, they appear to be quite unruffled. The writer of ‘Interlok’, Abdullah Hussain has attempted to depict the Chinese in all sorts of ways … Continue reading