Waktu by-election aje heboh, lepas tu buat tak tau

Below was our response yesterday to one reader called ‘Gunasegaran’ who had commented in FMT.

What a typically disgraceful spin by this DAP supporter. Interlok was brought up by (Ipoh Barat DAP MP) Kulasegaran for what purpose? Only as a campaign issue to politicize in a by-election. See this Jan 22 article in M’sian Insider, ‘DAP to use Interlok in Tenang, says Kula‘. Whereas the Indian NGOs had already raised a hue and cry more than a month earlier in December. All DAP cared about was to capitalize on Interlok to win votes in Tenang, and conveniently after that, a less than eloquent silence.

Gunasegaran had posted the following comment:

“what crap by this BN linked trooper. Interlok was first brought up as an issue by Kulasegaran, dap vice president, not some HRP hooligans.

“The writer [Sharifuddin A Latiff] is confused or trying to make us confused from his pay roll masters by first saying DAP propogating pro-malay stance and later anti-malay. Guan Eng had to do his part to promote the Zairil’s appointment due to daily slaughtering in UMNO linked malay media. But what single evidence this BN linked embarassing writer has to claim Lim is a racist? What did Chinese get extra compared to malays in Penang. Disgraceful piece”

— in response to an article written by Shar101, ‘Malays find it hard to trust DAP‘ in the FMT news portal.


Kula on Feb 12 posted “The Indian community must be united and send one clear message to the Education Minister on INTERLOK”.

If so, where were the DAP people on Feb 27? Were they seen lending their support to the anti-Interlok rally?

Instead we had DAP Senator S. Ramakrishnan texting on the eve of the protest: “Don’t fall for selfish people who are using you for their selfish aims. Go to Merlimau not KLCC.”

On Jan 22, Kula was reported as saying DAP would use Interlok as an issue in Tenang. Three weeks later, the DAP Parliamentarian repeated the same message in his blog (click his Feb 12 posting above): “Now we have this Interlok issue which again shows that the BN government is not sensitive to the feelings of the Indian community.”

Kula also wrote: “If the Interlok issue is not satisfactorily resolved, we must be prepared to make it a major issue in the coming general election.”
DAP’s only interest in the Interlok issue is electioneering, capitalizing on controversies and creating a stink to win votes. See our earlier comment.
Something for YOU to think about. Don’t be too sure that one fine day (sooner than you think) the DAP pack of jackals won’t be attacking you should you dare to criticize their party …

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