Interlok: BTN agenda — for nation-building, konon (1)

Going back to our earlier posting ‘Interlok: Sepet, greedy Cina gemuk & liberal dummkopfs’, it is not only the main Chinese character Cing Huat that is depicted as fat. Author Abdullah Hussain had consistently made almost all the Chinese characters gemuk dan gelojoh (greedy).

The Indians are not portrayed in the book as fat, nor are the Malays portrayed as greedy.

It is all in keeping with the BTN propaganda that the Chinese are seen as well-fed and a selfish race that will not even leave any crumbs for Malays. Meanwhile the kampung Malays are heart-wrenchingly deprived and starved; the Chinese are emphasized their prosperity.

Below is just a cursory sampling taken from our Feb 23 posting.

“Cing Huat sekarang ini sudah gemuk, perutnya semakin gendut. Dia gemuk kerana hatinya puas.”

Cing Huat: muka sembap, perutnya yang membuyut bagai perempuan bunting sembilan bulan, gemuk sembap, gemuk, buncit perut, perutnya yang memboyot, bagai perempuan bunting sulung, tangannya yang gemuk berisi

Chinese towners: Muka mereka berminyak, semuanya gemuk-gemuk

Not named: seorang [Cina] yang gemuk pendek

Perempuan Cina gemuk: dia gemuk tak larat berjalan.

Yew Hock: gempal badannya, dan mukanya pun berisi

Si Gemuk yang membuka kedai kopi

Kong Beng: Mukanya bulat berisi, badannya gempal.

Paman Kok Leng: kepalanya yang besar bulat, kepalanya yang bulat … dengan tocang melambai-lambai macam ekor kuda, tocangnya terjuntai keluar … seperti ekor kuda

As can be discerned from the illustration above, the examples we collected refer to descriptions of various Chinese individuals and not Cing Huat alone.

Abdullah is obsessive with stereotyping to the point of cartoonish one-dimensionality. So much for the claim of quality literary effort.

Sepet: Yew Hock (matanya yang sepet), Cina Panjang (bermata sepet), Paman Kok Leng (Matanya yang kecil sepet, liar dengan liciknya), Cing Huat’s children (matanya sepet, hidungnya pesek)

The unflattering physical descriptions are all applied to Chinese whereas the Indians are stock caricatures.

In stark contrast, the novel opens with the scene of Mak Limah admiring the unshirted, lean physique of her 20-year-old son Seman (the Malay character) whose skin tone is a lovely tan (lighter than sawo matang – the reddish hue of ripe ciku) and whose muscles ripple when he works in the outdoors.

One Response to “Interlok: BTN agenda — for nation-building, konon (1)”
  1. Yeah says:

    I think everyone can tell it is hartalmsm that has problems with orang bermata sepet. If Maniam is created by the author to be an Untouchable, he also made Cing Huat fat. Lee Su Ann’s The Curse featured a Malay father who murdered his own daughter. Is she a racist too?

    Hartalmsm dah bankrap modal sekarang nak recycle balik tohmahan-tohmahannya. If you ran out of slander, please at least make up new ones to avoid sounding like a broken record.

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