Interlok – a quick comparison with fundamental BTN doctrine

by Eyes Wide Open Lest I be accused again of spreading wild conpiracy theories, propagating overblown exaggerations and plain lying, this time I’m just going to present what is documented fact of BTN indoctrination, side by side with the MOE’s study guide for Interlok. And I’m not gonna make any comment at all lest some … Continue reading

Mission Interlok: The cloning of Ridhuan

When American teen sensation Miley Cyrus (who gained celebrity for playing Disney’s Hannah Montana) parodied the slit-eyed Chinese, there were howls of protest. She apologized. ‘Sepet’ is scattered throughout Interlok like birdshot but its author Abdullah Hussain remains unapologetic. Yet writing in The Malaysian Insider, Sen Tyng Chai bemoaned the widespread “wave of blind criticism” … Continue reading

‘Satanic Verses’ for SPM English, can ah?

Pix from Guardian If Abdullah Hussain is Malaysia’s Sasterawan Negara, Sir Salman Rushdie is a Sasterawan Negara-Negara, a literary giant of global repute who has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his contributions to the field of writing. Rushdie has also received from France the Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and from … Continue reading