Yet another case of ‘pariah’ bullying in school

An Indian schoolboy had been called “pariah” and “negro” in Sek. Men. Kebangsaan (SMK) Bandar Baru Putra in Ipoh, Komunitikini reported. His engineer father Muniandy, 32, said that his son was taunted that his face would not be visible after dark because of his skin colour. According to Komunitikini, Muniandy believes that the racist remarks … Continue reading

Penang angkat bakul sendiri with Ning concert

Tomorrow night Penang will host a free Ning Baizura concert to celebrate its self-touted ‘achievement in drawing the highest investment figure in the country for 2010’. A stroke of genius it is for the Penang government to dabik dada jamu selera sendiri like this. The DAP-led state is fond of claiming that it has saved … Continue reading