Penang angkat bakul sendiri with Ning concert

Tomorrow night Penang will host a free Ning Baizura concert to celebrate its self-touted ‘achievement in drawing the highest investment figure in the country for 2010’.

A stroke of genius it is for the Penang government to dabik dada jamu selera sendiri like this.

The DAP-led state is fond of claiming that it has saved taxpayers so much money with its penny-pinching ways but here they are, splurging whatever was saved through their “diulang tayang pada setiap majlis” (publicity-seeking on their so-called ‘successes’).

And now an even bigger ‘majlis’ or self-promotion event — a 9,000-seat concert estimated to cost more than RM200,000.

“Setakat tiga tahun mentadbir Pulau Pinang, yang saya lihat dia (Guan Eng) hanya tahu buat sidang media (hampir) setiap hari untuk memainkan emosi orang ramai dan cuba membuatkan rakyat tidak dapat berfikir secara rasional berkaitan dasar Kerajaan Pusat” — Penang Gerakan chairman Teng Hock Nan

In ‘Rakyat Pulau Pinang jadi mangsa keasyikan kerajaan negeri memburu publisiti‘, Berita Harian reports on how the Penang chief Minister is the publicity-hungry monster.

Once in a blue moon rising

Rare indeed for this article — ‘Guan Eng a control freak, publicity crazy‘ — yesterday to slip pass the usually pro-Pakatan editorial censors in Malaysiakini.

As to be expected, the report (although not yet the reporter) got a barrage of machine-gun fire from the Lim Guan Eng cybertroopers such as the walking, talking laxative calling himself ‘Ah Hoe’.

To read about Guan Eng’s “powerful media department” who prowl cyberspace to browbeat and bludgeon members of the public critical of the Caliph and his adminstration, see Hindraf’s  Kapitan Lim Guan Eng’s cyber troopers against Kg Buah Pala and his Indian marginalization.

Hartal carried our own postings recently too about the Caliph Umar’s personal enforcers: Guan Eng’s cybertroopers and two-faced politicians and Whatever did Mrs Chua Soi Lek do that you insult her so?

The ones who were earlier aware

Pakatan’s Penang Parliamentarians got clued in long before the general public (pre-Kg Buah Pala and still supportive of the opposition) finally caught on. Among the first victims of Lim’s cyber pyswar was Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng.

In in his announcement upon quitting PKR, Tan said that “he was not prepared to bow down to Lim’s dictatorial attitude and work style because the DAP secretary-general’s arrogance was excessive”, and

“[Lim] likes to politicise petty issues and totally cannot accept criticisms and tries to turn the Penang government into his family property.” — see here

Another MP who quit PKR, Bayan Baru’s Zahrain Mohd Hashim described Lim as a “dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded”, adding:

“Lim does not like to be criticised. He is quick to label those who criticise him as Barisan Nasional agents.”

PKR has had the most number of MPs leaving the party and each one of them had been the target of the Pakatan politicians, bloggers and cybertroopers as if the opposition’s unholy polygamy are angels, and anyone not siding with them the very devils.

5 Responses to “Penang angkat bakul sendiri with Ning concert”
  1. Nazalus says:

    Yet he is right Penang is the JAGUH pelaburan Malaysia isn”t it ? How about Sabah nombor berapa kira kira ya……? kuncit kah tu bahasa sabah untuk terakhir kah kah kah kah

    • hartalmsm says:

      Nobody’s denying they did a good job. But why do they need to spend so much taxpayer money to pat themselves on the back? They are the state government, for Pete’s sake! Governing well is their job! Do you see nonsense like this happening in any other country in the world? – EWO

  2. infansolaris says:

    Agreed, hmsm. In the north, there’s a saying, “Kalau anjing tak kodek ekoq sendighi, sapa lagi nak tolong kodek?” But why this anjing has to “kodek” its own tail at the taxpayers expense for doing the job its entrusted to and paid for is beyond me as well. This puke inducing self-aggrandisement is obviously a display of shameless narcism indicative of blatant arrogance resulting from a bad case of delusionary superbia. Going by the Caliph Umar Lim’s trademark hubris and ostentatious pretentiousness, I believe the concert is the caliphal cad’s external representation of a subconscious striptease. Astaga…the perversion!


    Let’s not forget Selangor’s annual celebration of PR rule.

    Sheesh, you’d think they weren’t in for the long haul, with all their “Hey wow, look at me – I’m still here and I’m still not screwing up (too badly) yet! I wanna have a big party, yo! You’re paying or it though, whether you like it or not!”

  3. Penang Voter says:

    If today were under BN, this RM200k would have gone to some crony pocket !!!!! Which way you prefer ????

    So, enjoy the show. Every MNC has shows like this when volume and profits are good ! Nothing strange about it. Where have you guys been hiding all these years !!! This is called ‘PUBLIC RELATIONS’.

    BN Public Relations is inviting Mubarak’s and Ben Ali’s wife to Malaysia to see some models dressed in batik.

    • infansolaris says:

      RM200K either ending up in someone’s pocket or wasted extravagantly as an ego booster amounts to misuse. I prefer neither. BN using taxpayer money to invite wives of crooks to a floor show and MNC’s rewarding their staff with an Annual Dinner and show does NOT justify DAP wasting OUR money for the Caliph’s self-aggrandisement! We voted for CHANGE; not the same crap! Do you see the Singapore govt indulging in such narcissism? Do you see Obama jerking off on stage at the Bellagio in Vegas just because he made a host of successful long-term investments to benefit the US despite the near collapse of the financial system? You call the concert ‘public relations?’ I call it cheap, meretricious behaviour indicative of a kickback mentality by a bunch of crooks who use our money to insult our intelligence.

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