6 Responses to “Unlocking the ‘evil’ in London Olympics logo”
  1. Logos says:

    There are no technical rules for designing logos. A good logo is one that can easily be recorded in our memory and captures our attention and that should be associated with the company vision.

  2. infansolaris says:

    Damned Iranians missed the cleverly obscured subliminal stimuli advertising for Audi in the Olympic ring logo. Vorsprung durch Fanatismus.

  3. Paul Warren says:

    Actually the easily confused Malays would also take this logo to mean Zion. That being so, I think too Malaysia should threaten to withdraw from Olympics 2012. Come on, we do make fools of ourselves without any push from anyone. what is one more?

  4. macman says:

    I always thought the logo resembled fellatio, you know, giving head? To check on the prevalence of “zion” brains in Malaysia, I decided, after reading this article, to google “logo olimpik 2012”. Note that I used “olimpik” and not “olympic”. I got nearly 40,000 entries. Most are convinced its “Zion”. When Zion looks like fellatio, we are in the right track.

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