Interlok: One of them is lying; we don’t think it’s the Indian

Pix: The archbigot Abdullah Hussain

A discipline teacher of SMK Kuala Kubu Baru was alleged to have uttered,

“Keling memang dasar pariah sejak sejarah lagi”

to a group of seven Indian students who returned their copies of Interlok to their school principal.

This teacher also claimed that the elder brother of one of the boys had brought 100 thugs from Kuala Lumpur to intimidate her and her family. See report in Lim Kit Siang’s blog.

Oh really?

We’re to believe that the brother of a 17-year-old schoolboy has the capacity to summon one hundred angry Indians when Hindraf supposedly couldn’t muster more than a few dozen people to turn up at their rally protesting Interlok ?

This discipline teacher has made a very serious accusation to call the young man a ‘gangster’ and embellish her story about 100 thugs rumbling from KL. How did the group of 100 travel? In a convoy to Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB)? In a chartered bus?

On the other hand, the youth said he was out of town at the material time.

She who makes such a racially inciting accusation must prove her inflammatory assertion. Did her neighbours see the Indians going to her house to “intimidate her and her family”?

Surely the arrival of 100 thugs to a Malay house cannot be missed by the neighbourhood. Can anyone else vouch for the truth of what this discipline teacher has claimed to the police?

The content of her police report must be verified too (in case the reporter “misquoted”) or otherswise she can be considered to have defamed the family of the anti-Interlok schoolboy.

This episode should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet as a mere “misunderstanding”. Those supporting/opposing Interlok would like to hear the truth of the matter.

DAP has said that it will move an emergency motion in Parliament to discuss the disgusting novel.

The opposition party must also raise this latest KKB issue in the House too. Is it the discipline teacher who alleged the presence of 100 thugs lying, or is the brother of the schoolboy lying? Both of them can’t be telling the truth.

If this is the behaviour of a discipline teacher, what are we to expect from the general run of BM teachers who are given Interlok as a potential weapon of verbal assault?


Interlok has validated the insult ‘pariah’, so much so that it’s ignited a race war of words. See ‘MIC Youth lodges report over pariah remark’ in FMT.

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