10,000 dead sepets

By Eyes Wide Open Now THAT makes a funny cartoon! By Berita Harian’s journalism benchmark. There was a ‘minor’ outcry over Berita Harian’s cartoon of Ultraman running for his life from a deadly tsunami. Malaysians of all creeds and colours were united in condemnation of such an insensitive treatment of the greatest natural tragedy to … Continue reading

Baby’s throat slashed, parents, siblings slaughtered

. UPDATED, Baby deserves its throat slit . Fogel family massacred: The four-year-old year old died after being stabbed in the heart (above) . His sibling, the 11-year old had his throat slit as he lay reading in bed (below) Baby and father slaugthered (main picture) . Mother also killed in the carnage  Military trackers discovered … Continue reading

Danger of normalizing ‘pariah’

UPDATE: Connected story, ‘Baby’s throat slashed, parents, siblings slaughtered‘ ooo.-O-.ooo ooo.-O-.ooo ooo.-O-.ooo ooo.-O-.ooo CiFwatch, which monitors the psychosis of The Guardian (a British paper that is determinedly anti-Israel), has a write-up which is useful in helping to elucidate the Interlok situation. In ‘Harriet Sherwood and the normalization of anti-Israel bigotry‘, CiFwatch blogger Adam Levick explains how he … Continue reading