NEWSFLASH!!! All 3 Indian Interlok Review Panelists Pull Out

by Eyes Wide Open The Interlok Review Panel who were supposed to sanitise the novel for school consumption has collapsed. All 3 Indian panellists — Sinar Harian deputy editor Uthaya Sankar, Professor NS Rajendran (Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris/UPSI) and G. Krishnabagawan (former Information Ministry official) — have withdrawn from the committee. They pulled out after … Continue reading

Kg Buah Pala vs Ladang Bkt Jalil – Stinking MSM Hypocrisy

by Eyes Wide Open When the Kg Buah Pala issue exploded in 2009, there was a huge outcry from residents, NGOs and politicians. The Kg Buah Pala residents were portrayed as helpless victims of an uncaring State government and unscrupulous developer. The image frequently portrayed of the villagers were of poor victims on the verge … Continue reading