Christian minority ‘brutally oppressed’

Pix of Turkish protesters from

“The Christian Armenian minority in Turkey, like the Kurds, are brutally oppressed by the Islamists.” — Nick Griffin

Below is reproduced a part of the blog posting by Nick Griffin, a British member of the European Parliament.

Griffin comments:

“Two journalists, Nedim Sener and Ahmed Sik, were detained on [March 6].  The following day Government critic Yalcin Kucuk and four more journalists were jailed.

“This all follows a series of raids last week on the homes of opposition activists and independent journalists by the secret police of the Islamist AK regime in Ankara. This in turns followed the arrest of the owner of Opposition website Oda TV and two of his colleagues last month. The Turkish Journalists’ Association spoke of a “climate of fear” amongst Turkish journalists.

“The Turkish Islamist regime accuses its opponents of being involved in the “Ergenekon plot”, a supposed conspiracy by Turkish nationalists and Army officers to preserve the secular legacy of Kemal Ataturk and save the country from sinking into the medieval Muslim darkness from which Ataturk dragged it 90 years ago.

“Mr Sener had further annoyed the Government by writing a book accusing its secret police of murdering ethnic Armenian journalist Hrant Dik.”

To continue reading, go to ‘The Asiatic Muslim despotism that is Turkey‘.

For our posting on the Armenain genocide, see ‘Death threats over Caliph’s boozing, mistresses‘; on Turkey’s lack of press freedom, see Hartal here.

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