Shut up already, you bloody opportunists!

By Hartal MSM

The headline of this posting is from Crankshaft who commented how “It seems to me that the issue of racism and propagation of tools to Brainwash The Nation is of secondary importance – the utmost priority is that they, Pakatan Rakyat, get voted into power.”

Quite typical of someone peddling the “same old rant” described in our headline is the Malaysiakini subscriber below.

Phoenix Star 88: Despite all of this [Interlok], it seems that Indian voters, particularly those in rural and semi-rural constituencies, are bent on voting for BN in large numbers as proven in last few by-elections. These voters ditched BN and supported Pakatan Rakyat in the last GE but now they are back to square one.

The strong emotions of the 2007 Hindraf protests have now waned and Hindraf/HRP’s subsequent condemnation of Pakatan has only made it easier for MIC and BN to recapture lost ground in the Indian community. — comment found in Malaysiakini’s Your Say

Crankshaft excerpted an Anon. comment which sums up our own feelings in Hartal about these Pakatan supporters who tell others don’t bother with organizing Interlok forums, don’t bother to protest on the street but just show our displeasure though the ballot box — “must vote Pakatan, yah”.

Anonymous i see some the politicians here are taking advantage in this case and asking the indians not to vote for this party and that party.hello we are talking about our childrens education and well being not your stupid politics. Pls for god sake for once think like a human being rather for your own benefit.

Not only do the bloody opportunists who chant the (“see, see this is the crap you get from BN, so you see why you must”) ‘Vote Pakatan’ mantra sound like constipated parrots, they also fail to realise they are second-class voters despite all their whining and wailing as if their votes are bigger and more valuable than a diamond the size of the Ritz.

These are Opposition Parliamentary constituencies and the approximate number of voters they have:

  • Kapar (105,000)
  • Seputeh (77,000)
  • PJ Utara (76,000).

Compare the Umno-held Parliamentaryconstituencies:

  • Putrajaya (6,600)
  • Langkawi (21,000)
  • Sabak Bernam (31,000).

One man has one vote but clearly not all votes are equal. All the above constituencies cited each send one MP to Parliament even though their sizes are so disparate.

[O]pposition-supporting parliamentary constituencies in Kuala Lumpur have up to 100,000 voters whilst the smallest parliamentary constituencies may have about 20,000 to 25,000 voters. — Aliran

And furthermore, Malaysia’s first-past-the-post system favours BN disproportionately even though Pakatan is not all that far behind in terms of total popular vote obtained.

Shouting in cyberspace “Vote Pakatan! Vote Pakatan! Vote Pakatan!” as the standard response to every conflict is no cleverer than the idiot who has strayed from his village.

If Pakatan supporters can operate at a level no more intelligent than a retard, then we will rightly surmise that these bloody opportunists accurately reflect the retarded political parties they’re rooting for and their equally retarded leadership.

Who wants to vote for retards?

One Response to “Shut up already, you bloody opportunists!”
  1. infansolaris says:

    Help, my toilet’s backed up! Vote Pakatan!
    Help, my dog’s got gonorrhea! Vote Pakatan!
    Malaysia will drown in a tsunami tonight! Vote Pakatan!
    God died! Vote Pakatan!
    Anwar is really a bisexual rapist. Vote Pakatan!
    Wan Azizah’s ass hurts (now and then). Vote Pakatan!
    Lim Guan Eng’s too. Vote Pakatan!
    Interlok is bad! Vote Pakatan!
    Interlok is good! Vote Pakatan!

    I’m tired of reading/hearing the same old crap. They’re not just retards. With the same moronic crap spewing from their one track minds and mouths at every goddamn opportunity, they ought to be called returds. I wonder sometimes if they’d been brainwashed at PR’s own version of BTN somewhere. Vote Pakatan! Yeah, right…like its gonna make a difference. mlm

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