Messiah Anwar, his God’s Army and their paroxysm of violence

Pix: ‘God’s Gift’ parting the Red Sea. Also see Insider’s ‘Anwar function turns ugly as crowd attacks cops

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

If this man is a gift from God to the people of this country, then he has to fulfil a ‘God-ish’ quality control criteria which are unlike man-made standards (admittedly fallible).

It’s only human to have failings and what the politician does in privacy (say, that PKR assemblywoman in Selangor) should not be raked through the coals if sexual morality had not been part of her political platform.

However, if one is ‘Anugerah Tuhan’ and pitches his politics as endorsed by God’s seal of approval, then his personal morality would be required to meet the religious high standards that he himself has vigorously implemented in the bureaucracy and public life.

Pakatan is only getting what they wished for. They want this country to run on the religion track instead of secular. The scrutiny on Anwar Ibrahim is the logical progression and outcome of what they’ve been clamouring for.

When a politician consciously develops a personality cult, and not only that but projects himself as religiously pure (views the segments in the video where he speaks Arabic and invokes Allah) and the country’s messiah, then the fanaticism displayed by his cult following is similarly another logical progression.

Pakatan supporters must beware lest things get out of hand. Clearly we’re not dealing here with a crowd that buys the Star for its Soduku.

We’re voicing our concern at the escalation of the action-and-reaction cycle, and sounding an alarm on the potential for violence given the behaviour of Anwar’s followers, and the quick-draw reputation of the police as well as general lack of confidence in the service among members of the public.

See this video.

Chants of ‘Reformasi’ and ‘Allahuakhbar’, and then the outraged Anwaristas start throwing chairs, water bottles, bricks and sticks at the riot police personnel.

The crowd of ketayap wearers and shrieking women became so aggressive that they forced the police to retreat. The riot police had helmets and shields but they were hugely outnumbered.

There is a difference between the responses by Anwar and Chua Soi Lek, and their respective parties. Chua quickly owned up and was subsequently sacked by his party.

MCA has never claimed that Chua Soi Lek is God’s gift to Malaysia whereas PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has told the whole country that Anwar Ibrahim is ‘Anugerah Tuhan’. (In this latest interview today, she says she got a sign from God that Anwar should be her husband.)

See video below where God’s Gift unleashes his thundering fury like the prophets of old.


2 Responses to “Messiah Anwar, his God’s Army and their paroxysm of violence”
  1. Oneofthesedays says:

    Not good…needs to be nipped in the bud.

    Probably won’t/can’t.

    So we wait for the chickens to come home…

  2. kesu says:

    So just because Chua Soi Lek owned up, Anwar should do the same.
    Seems like not only does one have to give up on the Star, but also this site. Thanks for letting me know.
    Kesu, there are a lot more serious issues that Anwar has not owned up e.g. being complicit to Loony Tun’s Project ‘M’ in Sabah, the BNM forex fiasco, etc. He’s just being true to his old self. Anywayz, please remember that the four pillars of democracy – the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary and Fourth Estate – must always remain separate and functioning for good governance to prevail. Don’t you want that when PR comes into Federal power? – shar101.

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