Only one bad religion in the world


(Translated) Even though I’m a Muslim, I’m okay with the doa of people of other faiths. I think all doa of whatever religions pray for good things … with the exception of Zionism.

Zionism teaches people to mabuk dan berfoya-foya.

(Malaysians say the darnest things. You couldn’t make this up even if you tried.)

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2 Responses to “Only one bad religion in the world”
  1. dewdrop says:

    zionism is a religion?

  2. Solaris says:

    That’s probably the nicest and politest thing I’ve heard a Malaysian Muslim say about Zionism. Learning to mabuk and berfoya-foya sounds like a good idea compared to having to attend church/mosque/temple or whatever. Makes me want to become a Zionist…

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