Do You Feel Lucky, You Sarawak Punks?!

by Eyes Wide Open

Bernama reports that an “esteemed” MCA Cabinet Minister, Kong Cho Ha, warned the Chinese in Sarawak not to vote against BN or else face a backlash from them. In his brief campaign visit to Sarawak, he was quoted as saying:

Nobody really doubts that BN will be returned to power in Sarawak. Only the margin of victory is uncertain. It would be…”unfortunate”…for the Sarawak Chinese if they decide to throw their weight behind the opposition. They have to understand that should they decide not to give their votes to the Chinese representatives, the other parties in the ruling coalition may use the defeat of SUPP as an excuse to change everything.”

This line reminds me very much of the classic Clint Eastwood movie, where his Dirty Harry character points a huge Magnum in the face of an injured baddie, who’s thinking of shooting him, and asks: “Do you feel lucky?”

Apparently, open blackmail is an acceptable political strategy in Malaysia these days. But then again, what can you expect from the gangster-funded MCA?

Personally, I think the Sarawak Chinese and all other Sarawakians should stop bowing down the the BN’s dirty threats. Show them who’s really the boss and give Kong the boot, along with the rest of his similarly “esteemed” BN colleagues!

Enough of the BN protection money racket already!

One Response to “Do You Feel Lucky, You Sarawak Punks?!”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Hey, you mention Clint Eastwood movie and you got Marlon Brando’s picture featured!! Unless of course you are referring to our beloved MCA Cabinet Minister, Kong Cho Ha as mafia!!


    Haha! Dirty Harry had the better quote, but it’s well-known open secret that the MCA is a gang funded and controlled party. Such a threatening statement would not be out of place in a Godfahder movie – EWO

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