RPK’s Language Test For Malaysians!

by Eyes Wide Open

RPK’s interview on TV3 recently has been greeted by a collective “OMG!!!!”

Malaysians against BN seem to be screaming “What is going through RPK’s mind?”

While Malaysians against PR seem to be screaming “HALLELUJAH!”

But what is RPK actually saying?

“In the SD, I related the tale that these people told me the story and they should relate it. And that the authorities should investigate and call these people in. That’s what I wrote in the SD. I personally did not make an accusation. I did not say I knew that the wife of the then deputy prime minister was at the crime scene. I didn’t say that. I didn’t make such an accusation. What I said was that people told the story and it was up to the authorities to investigate it further and for these people to come forward. And I named these people. I revealed this during the police investigations,” he was quoted as saying in the transcript in Bahasa Malaysia. – excerpt from the Malaysian Insider


OK. A little English comprehension lesson today.

Read the passage above, then select the statements that best match RPK’s points:

1.  RPK is saying that the truth is Najib and Rosmah have nothing whatsoever to do with Altantuya’s murder.

2. RPK is saying that there were people who were very concerned about Najib becoming Prime Minister after Pak Lah resigned and wanted to block his rise.

3. RPK is saying that he had heard serious allegations against Najib and Rosmah and the authorities should investigate to determine the truth.

4.  RPK is saying that Anwar assured RPK that the informant is reliable and that he should not worry about publishing what he said.

5.  RPK is confessing to slandering Najib and Rosmah and now regrets it.

6.  RPK is saying that Anwar pressured him to lie about Najib & Rosmah’s involvement in Altantuya’s murder.

Can you pass this simple language test?

Well, obviously some people couldn’t:

Najib says glad truth out about Altantuya
LAWAS, April 14 – Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today he was thankful that the truth had been revealed about allegations linking him and his wife to the Altantuya murder case.

RPK: I don’t believe Najib, Rosmah involved in Altantuya murder
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Today founder and editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin says he was not responsible for accusations linking Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to the murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.

RPK says it is Anwar Ibrahim
In a sensational confession, RPK admitted on television that Anwar had told him to “fitnah” Najib Razak about Altantuya.

Further assignment:

Watch the video yourself and test your own level of comprehension! (Hint: listen to his words alone and not the story that has been created around it.)

Please Malaysians, don’t score an “F” in such a simple language test, otherwise we’re all gonna be ducked.

6 Responses to “RPK’s Language Test For Malaysians!”
  1. pinsysu says:

    that’s why BN has no desire for the population to be well versed in engrish … it’s very dangerous when Msians become aquainted too well in the queen’s engrish.

    the bottom line of tis episode is: pls investigate those ppl named in the SDs …

    juz wondering wat else is up in his sleeves …

  2. sct says:

    of course, lah! you know how bad our English is now. Just look at the newspapers, the TV & radio, the govt. servants & ministers, the courts (judges & lawyers), the school (teachers & students), and the commenters online. It’s no more English, but Manglish.

  3. Buck Rogers says:

    HartalMSM is itself a hypocrite group.

    You say hartal, but your hero RPK enthusiastically embraces TV3, not giving them 1 minute or 2 minutes, but 1 whole hour of an interview!

    And you HartalMSM fellas wanna talk about semantics and grammar to explain what RPK said?

    Please la. Go learn about perception and also learn about sticking to one’s words.

    I can’t believe HartalMSM is trying to defend someone who is CintaMSM (particularly TV3)!!


    We did not defend RPK, and neither did we talk about semantics and grammar. And we definitely did not explain what RPK said. If we did, please quote to show how instead of shooting off your mouth blindly.

    What we merely did was present WHAT RPK SAID VERBATIM and asked readers to engage their brains instead of reacting emotionally. People using their brains – is that such a threat to you that you need to come here from Haris’ blog to make noise?

    You wanna talk about perception? Here’s some perception for you: why are you screwing RPK for being interviewed by TV3 but so desperate for people to believe TV3’s coverage? That’s like persecuting the girl who got date-raped because she made a mistake of trusting the rascal, but letting the rapist off the hook because he is what he is.

    What’s the big idea?

    – EWO

  4. Balabaloo says:


    You fellas are hypocrites.

    You support a guy goes and gives the longest interview of any opposition person to UMNO’s TV3 (1 hour).

    RPK can make love with the MSM (Mainstream Media), and we are supposed to boycott/hartal the Mainstream Media?

    What is this?

    And why are you, hartalMSM, spending so much time going over an MSM news video and report with so much dilligence?

    You started to pay attention to MSM now havent you?

    Change your name from HartalMSM to SukaMSM, can or not?


    We are HartalMSM, dedicated to debunking the MSM propaganda. How we gonna do that without looking at the MSM? Bodoh nak mampus!

    Besides, sifting through the local media is a job we would rather not do. Imagine having to shovel through tons of shit every day! But it’s a job we do because…well, somebody has to expose the BS!

    By the way, how come you have the same IP address as Buck Rogers?

  5. walski69 says:

    TV3 undoubtedly had some pre-planned agenda when they interviewed RPK (who claims that it was conducted some months before the broadcast). I have come to this conclusion based on the following:
    1. The timing – right smack within the Sarawak election campaign period
    2. TV3 did not air the full interview (as far as I know), but instead broadcast a few minutes of mostly voiced over snippets. If TV3 had an iota of journalistic integrity, they’d have broadcast the whole hour, without overlaying their own story.

    As for what RPK really said, he’s been quite consistent, and the answer is 3. All other “facts” have been extrapolated and imagined…


    According to RPK, the entire recorded interview lasted about 1 hour and 40 minutes – EWO

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