Malaysian Media Promotes Racist Fascism

by Eyes Wide Open

You can always predict the mood of the BN by reading between the lines of MSM reports. Leading up to the 2008 elections, the mood was arrogance personified as page after page was rife with stories of how great BN politicians are, how stupid Opposition politicians were and how subservient the rakyat was expected be. After the historic whooping, the MSM has gone into defensive overdrive. And the rakyat has been bombarded with incessant divisive rhetoric and editorials via the MSM, in addition to their normal attacks on the Opposition.

Post Sarawak elections, the MSM eunuch generals have once again been sent on a propaganda rampage by their political masters. This time, the wild and threatening rhetoric teeters dangerously on the edge of communal disaster.

Not UMNO's opinion? UMNO owns Utusan and Utusan never publishes anything that UMNO disagrees with. Do the math.

For example, immediately after the April 16th election results showed that the BN suffered massive swing of the popular vote, particularly favouring the DAP, a concerted propaganda campaign was launched across all the MSM fronts. The Malaysian insider reports that Utusan tells BN to ignore Chinese vote after Sarawak polls:

Sunday, April 17, 2011 — Utusan Malaysia has told Barisan Nasional (BN) to ignore the Chinese community for not supporting the ruling coalition during yesterday’s Sarawak elections. “The average Chinese voters have rejected BN and supported DAP. Therefore the BN state government can no longer be too generous to give place to representatives from the community…Clear message must be sent.”

Such fascist rhetoric goes against every principle of democracy, where voters have a right to choose their representation. If they voted the DAP, that means that they agree to be represented by the DAP and the principles they uphold. Any democratic govt knows that they had better listen to the voice of the people. However, the rising fascism in Malaysia is conditioning the rakyat’s minds further away from democracy, aided by an education system that stunts the ability to think and reason independently.

The racist propaganda campaign continues when a few days later, when Utusan again published an inflammatory op-ed calling for Malays to unite and resist the Chinese attempts to rob the Malays of power and land. The Malaysian Insider reports that Utusan calls for 1Melayu, 1Bumi movement:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011 — Utusan Malaysia called on its owners Umno today to spearhead a 1Melayu, 1Bumi movement involving all Malay parties — claiming DAP was intent on toppling the country’s Malay leadership. In his Cuit column, he (assistant chief editor Datuk Zaini Hassan ) said that DAP’s slogans in the recently concluded Sarawak state election called for Chinese voters to change the Malay-led government, adding that they already controlled everything and was now aiming for political power.

“Only absolute political power has not been controlled by the Chinese, everything else has been taken. Now DAP bringing great slogans among them, Undi Untuk Ubah (Vote for Change), Enough is Enough and Selamatkan Malaysia (Save Malaysia).

Although Utusan is usually in the forefront, this time they are not the only culprit in this stinking game. In an editorial piece published on 21 April, the New Straits Times sought to play up racial and misogynistic fears by declaring that the Malay majority opposition parties were female supporting characters. In that disgusting article entitled PKR, PAS bridesmaid to DAP, the NST spewed its convoluted lies, stating that:

The impact of the emphasised sizeable Chinese support for DAP does suggest the opposition grouping now relies largely or to a certain extent on Chinese support. As was the case in Sarawak, BN, with the support of most of the communities largely intact, could still win the two-thirds majority in a nationwide polls. After all, the series of elections has demonstrated that there is nothing fundamentally wrong about its choice of policies and stewardship of the economy. 

I wonder what they’re smoking in the NST newsroom! The massive loss of votes in Sarawak was driven by the citizens fed up with evidence of Taib’s massive looting of the state. If not for a biased EC and rampant vote buying, the BN would have lost Sarawak as they only managed to garner about 55% of the total votes – even after all that cheating!

The Chinese calling the shots? Apparently not. But facts don't matter to pathological liars.

Furthermore, evidence shows that the Chinese vote swing was one of the LEAST compared to the other communities in Sarawak! But Utusan and the other MSM chose to peddle this lie anyway. The NST article goes on to peddle another incredible lie, stating that:

Without a doubt, the Chinese voters are in the midst of some introspection. While BN will surely attempt to work doubly hard at reassuring the community, the reality of it all is this introspection shall hurt the opposition more.

In fact, their sister publication, Utusan, had already called for the BN to ignore the Chinese and establish a formal Malay Supremacy group to keep the Chinese in their place. Reassuring the community? Hardly!

Such blatant lies and hypocrisy is unbelievable, and yet, these dungu editors still wonder why nobody wants to buy their papers anymore!

However, this lesson is obviously lost on them as on April 22, the Star jumped into the “threaten the Chinese” bandwagon with an op-ed piece called Just cannot have it both ways, which continues Utusan’s threats towards the Chinese. In it, Baradan Kuppusamy writes:

The political reality today is that while the Malays are with Umno and the Indian voters are gradually returning to the Barisan fold, the Chinese voters, who form about 25% of the electorate of about 14 million, are holding out and throwing their weight behind the Opposition DAP. Like in Sarawak, the Chinese community here might buy themselves a right to raise a ruckus by going the DAP way, but end up losing their share of government power and the right to determine how the national purse is deployed. The fact is, the Chinese community cannot have it both ways.

On that same day, Berita Harian carried an op-ed piece with a similar theme, entitled Kunta Kinte original: Trend politik dan ekonomi perkauman. As usual, the article was riddled with outrageous statements such as:

Setelah berjaya kukuhkan ekonomi mereka hasil dasar dan projek perkembangan kerajaan BN, mereka sekarang berasa cukup yakin yang kepentingan dan monopoli ekonomi mereka tidak akan terjejas walaupun mereka tak lagi sokong BN. Malahan mereka yakin cara baru yang gabungan kuasa ekonomi dan politik ini akan tambah kukuhkan lagi kuasa dan pengaruh masyarakat Cina dalam ekonomi dan politik. Ada penganalisis politik kata, penghijrahan besar orang Cina daripada BN kepada pakatan pembangkang akan cetuskan reaksi orang Melayu yang akan balik semula menyokong BN kerana takut hilang kuasa kepada orang Cina.

No la...Utusan say ignore Chinese but actually not like that wan...but if you ignore the MCA then you watch out lor...

Chua Soi Lek, the president of the Mandore Cina Association, also got into the act like a good little eunuch, declaring that they will not seek government positions if they were not elected. The Mandore India Congress saw the threat for what it is (sure la, birds of a feather ma). In an article entitled MCA boss’ stand a veiled threatFree Malaysia Today reports:

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek’s statement that his party will review its government appointments should it perform badly in the next polls can be construed as a veiled threat. According to MIC’s publicity and communication chief S Vell Paari, the statement was nothing short of a political masterstroke. 

“Chua has got the Chinese thinking, they have been presented with the scenario that should they discard MCA in the next polls, they run the risk of losing representatives in the government.”

Vell Paari calls it a master stroke.

We call it our dream come true!

Not only the corrupt MCA should be voted out of government, the rest of the corrupt BN too! We can’t wait to say “GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!”

Will all this racist rhetoric end? We think not, since the “Malay First” DPM has thrown his weight behind Utusan’s call for even more strident and militant Malay Supremacy actions amidst PERKASA’s threats of another May 13.

(Malaysian Insider) April 25, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin said today thatUtusan Malaysiarepresents the Malays and boycotting the paper will muzzle the community’s voice.

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