Happy Birthday, Hata Wahari

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

On 18th September 2010, Reina of HartalMSM wrote “NUJ died a long time ago” which Hata Wahari who had just been elected the NUJ president took notice and posted a comment.

Shortly after, I and another HartalMSM member had the privilege of meeting Hata in person to touch base on matters of media freedom. Suffice to say, we didn’t expect someone from Utusan Malaysia to be similarly inclined but it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Fast forward by about 7 months, Hata lost his job with Utusan today which also happens to be his birthday.

True to form and displaying indomitable spirit, he ate nasi lemak wrapped in Utusan paper.

Now, imagine a large crowd doing the same in front Utusan’s office.

And we certainly don’t need Muhyiddin’s approval either.

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Hata Wahari”
  1. Khairy says:

    It is time to reform Utusan and the press in general.

    • tembeleng says:

      Right. By setting up something like Malaysiakini or Malaysian Insider, perhaps. How that is better, the mind can only wonder.

  2. tembeleng says:

    So. What kind of free press moderates its comments section, again?
    Try FMT and a better nick – shar101.

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