Finding Shamsul and Zakhir

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

The names mentioned in the headline were the pro-UMNO Baru bloggers (marahku.blogspot and bigdogdotcom.wordpress respectively) implicated in a posting at Malaysia Today entitled “ISA THEM!” [with reference to the recent Utusan Malaysia allegations on turning the nation into a christian state].

Initially, I had not planned to write anything on this issue but it seems that the original ‘marahku’ blog-site has disappeared from cyberspace and in its place, there is a new front page with the name ‘Abdullah Shukor’ as the blog admin.

[This disappearing act reminds me of ‘Malaysia-Instinct’ which did a similar ‘Houdini’ show – read here]

However, as I have always believed that ‘The Net is written with indelible ink’ and in keeping with this adage to provide veracity, appended below are Google cache screenshot copies of the original ‘marahku’ postings timestamped at 9th May 2011 08:51:46 GMT

[Click to enlarge]

For those who are interested, there was a HartalMSM article written about Shamsul Yunos in August 2009 – read here.

Meanwhile, Zakhir Mohamed aka Big Dog’s original posting remain unscathed but updated (?) as at 3:00pm on the 9th. Heck, he even gave an interview with Mkini.

Perhaps, it’s because he’s not afraid of the consequences, knowing that the-powers-that-be will protect him. Like the time when he published RPK’s 2008 SD at least several hours PRIOR to the SD becoming public knowledge on the next day. How did the ’embargoed’ confidential SD which was meant only for the eyes of lawyers involved in the Altantuya murder case come to land in the hands of a pro-UMNO Baru blogger? And was he ever asked to make any statement to the PDRM at that time?

As for this latest brouhaha, wouldn’t it be ‘hilarious’ to watch a bloke like him attempt to jump, skip and hop into the waiting arms of the law whilst the MIBs will probably put up an elaborate kabuki show in investigating the after-effects instead of the cause.

Therefore, can you pick out Shamsul and Zakhir from the photo line-up above? Once you’ve done that, please inform PDRM so that the finding of Shamsul and Zakhir can begin.

2 Responses to “Finding Shamsul and Zakhir”
  1. Dana says:

    Shamsul: 2nd row from behind. 1st guy frm the right. longhair guy with goatee

    Zakhir: 2nd row from behind, next to shamsul. fatty bombom wth double chin

    Salahuddin Hisham (aka A Voice,Husin Lempoyang) – 2nd row from front. 2nd guy from left. white hair and green brown flower shirt

    Do I gets a prize?
    Spot on, Dana. I’m reliably informed by Rocky that the Dang Wangi station offers a better reward compared to the one at H.S Lee. Perhaps, it might be a slightly used ‘Ferrari’ laptop. Or you might wanna join me for drinks at the NPC and start a riot .. wink2 – shar101.

  2. J Kandan says:

    I like photo of him kissing the hand of our Indian PM…my my what a smooch????? Wonder did he kiss anything else besides his hand to be where he is today??
    You mean part indian ex-PM, right? – shar101.

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