Tracking Shamsul aka marahku

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

In the previous posting – “Finding Shamsul and Zakhir” – I’ve uploaded Google cache screenshots of Shamsul’s article entitled “Agong under threat? DAP wants to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia?” which was published on Thursday 5th May 2011.

Thereafter, there were two more related articles as shown in this extract of the ‘marahku’ blog archive –

a) “Who is making Christianity a scapegoat?” published on Saturday 7th May 2011 –

b) “Guan Eng to take action against Jeff Ooi?” published on Sunday 8th May 2011 –

It would seem that Shamsul realised the enormity of the public outrage created by the Utusan Malaysia article “Kristian agama rasmi?” [which was attributed to his 5th May blog posting as well as another at Big Dog].

Therefore, the above two ensuing posts would appear to be Shamsul’s attempt to deflect any responsibility on his part, even to the extent of implicating Jeff Ooi, who has in the meantime clarified the matter in great detail (read here).

By Monday 9th May, the original ‘marahku’ blogsite has disappeared from cyberspace.

Do you honestly think that someone would hack the blog-site, delete all the data and add a new name as the blog admin? Yeah right!

“Baling batu, sorok tangan”

2 Responses to “Tracking Shamsul aka marahku”
  1. farha says:

    Whatever makes this young man so ‘marah’? I wonder…

  2. walski69 says:

    The dude’s also disappeared from Twitter, where he was operating under the handle @bshamsul – did said hacker also delete the blogger from the microblogging platform?

    The answer is: Not likely.

    The more plausible explanation is that it’s all a lame excuse to evade responsibility for inflaming a nation. Of course, a dumb-ass newspaper had its part to play, too, but that’s another whole different sad story… :p
    Agreed, bro. Rocky tried to give his machai a leg up as well on the hacking thingy. Real bloggers would know better eh – shar101.

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