MCMC – “Mung Chacha” Multimedia Commission

by Eyes Wide Open

The “hacktivist” group Anonymous, made good its promise of bringing down Malaysian government websites. According to MCMC, Anonymous targeted at least 51 websites, and 41 were successfully brought down. That’s an 80% success rate.

In exam terms, the Anonymous group scored an “A” for their efforts!

However, the MCMC’s response was a mere “Meh…not pain also!”

“We gauge that there has been little impact on Malaysian users as a result of this attack,” was what they actually said.

The MCMC’s statement is the height of a bodoh sombong attitude.

Buddy, someone said they were going to kick you in the balls at 3.30. And you really got kicked in the balls at 3.30. And all they have to say is:

“Meh…not pain also!”

Besides, the “very little impact” that the MCMC is so proud of has nothing to do with the MCMC’s defensive efforts anyway.

According to a message allegedly sent by the Anonymous group:

Hijacking frontpages of Malaysian government (only governement?) websites (defacing) and replacing them with an invitation to the IRC  –  ONLY GOVERNMENT SITES


Very little impact? Jangan bodoh sombong la, MCMC! They were already IN the sites and could have done whatever they liked! You were spared heavier damage because the Anonymous group’s objective was not to destroy your site!

Are these morons in MCMC really in charge of promoting and regulating internet usage in Malaysia? Are they so daft that they do not understand that internet security is the number one concern of internet users?

Hey, 41 government websites were brought down. These are not your chekai home-made webpages hosted on an unsecured budget server. These are GOVERNMENT SITES! 41 of them!

Warning was even given a day in advance: the targets and intentions were made known to the public, and the operation time was announced! Despite all that advanced notice, 41 GOVERNMENT SITES were STILL brought down!

They were warned, and they couldn’t do anything about it. No matter how you spin it, any moron would know that this is a major blow to the security of a website!

Well, just goes to show that the dudes at MCMC are not just any moron.

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