Star-tling Stupidity

by Eyes Wide Open

What a fiasco! More than that, it just demonstrates how removed from reality the movers and shakers in Malaysia are.

The Star Online created a poll to ask if the Bersih rally should be allowed. Specifically the question asked was:

“What is your view of the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9th?”

The 2 options given was:

“It should be cancelled” and “It should be allowed to go on.”

This morning, opinions leaned heavily on the “It should be cancelled” response. Some reported it as high as 82%.

But when the polls was publicised on facebook, netizens were quick to rally and voice their opinions. Messages went out to various Malaysian “cause” groups and the flavour of the polls was quickly changed.

Eventually it hit about 1.3mil votes with an overwhelming 99% voting for Bersih to be allowed to march. Then the whole page was taken down at around 12pm!

Aiya…these people so stupid! Deleting the polls is not going to do anything except destroy their own credibility (not that there’s much left of it anyway!)

This Bersih polls fiasco is yet another one in a long list of hypocritical products shovelled upon the public in the name of “news”.

When the opinions of the rakyat favour the corrupt regime, the paper proudly struts its polls. When opinion turns, it quickly shuts people up. So much for being “The People’s Paper”!

2 Responses to “Star-tling Stupidity”
  1. Thanks for the info.

    ps I just got home with few tubs of drinking water. All sold out.

  2. Ruth says:

    These guys are spectacular clowns!! 🙂

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