Kg Buah Pala vs Ladang Bkt Jalil – Stinking MSM Hypocrisy

by Eyes Wide Open When the Kg Buah Pala issue exploded in 2009, there was a huge outcry from residents, NGOs and politicians. The Kg Buah Pala residents were portrayed as helpless victims of an uncaring State government and unscrupulous developer. The image frequently portrayed of the villagers were of poor victims on the verge … Continue reading

Kg Buah Pala…deja vu in Bukit Jalil

by Eyes Wide Open March 15 2011 was supposed to be the day that 41 families would be forced out of the place they called home for generations. I arrived at 8am to find a crowd had already gathered. MSM, online media and citizen journalists were on hand to witness the event. There were also … Continue reading

Interlok & the lingering BTN ‘poison’

By Sharifuddin A Latiff A commentator, Robinson [muchos gracias, hombre], sent us a news article plus a video clip with regard to a faux pas by the Ministry of Defence of Britain. In short, it was a story about a recruitment drive by the British Royal Marines several years ago which included a promotional video.  … Continue reading

Interlok – a quick comparison with fundamental BTN doctrine

by Eyes Wide Open Lest I be accused again of spreading wild conpiracy theories, propagating overblown exaggerations and plain lying, this time I’m just going to present what is documented fact of BTN indoctrination, side by side with the MOE’s study guide for Interlok. And I’m not gonna make any comment at all lest some … Continue reading

Interlok protestors – liars, childish, ignorant, inconsistent and mad

Commentor “Yeah” has stepped up to the plate to defend Interlok from the “denials faced by the “uninformed masses – as embodied by the folks in hartalmsm”. We offered him a platform on HartalMSM to share his views on what great benefits Interlok would bring as a work of literature for BM students, as well … Continue reading

Interlok – haiya…mau bising buat apa?

by Eyes Wide Open Why it’s important to remove Interlok from the school syllabus? Simply because it is not a suitable book for present times, given the racial politics being incessantly played out at all levels of Malaysian government and society. In more matured times, perhaps this novel could be read with more open hearts … Continue reading

Interlok – haiya, kasi lia olang cakap lah!

by Eyes Wide Open When talking about Interlok, affluent liberals of all races continue with their cries of “Don’t be so sensitive la!” “Let them la, next election we will vote them out!” “Things described in the novel really happened, so what?” Tragically, such people are still choose to be ignorant of the fact that … Continue reading

Translate This Into Votes

By Crankster For all the ruckus that the Indians have been whipping up over the ‘Interlok’ issue, it looks like the Chinese have been insulted far worse in the novel. And yet, they appear to be quite unruffled. The writer of ‘Interlok’, Abdullah Hussain has attempted to depict the Chinese in all sorts of ways … Continue reading

Interlok: Pakatan’s sabotage

In Insider today, ‘Indian leaders see silver lining in Hindraf washout‘ We’ve reproduced the article in its entirety below, and highlighted several passages in bold that we will comment on at the bottom — ‘Illegal to be Indian’. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Quote / ANALYSIS (in Insider), Feb 28 — Hindraf’s failure yesterday to muster support in the … Continue reading

Interlok – itu ata apa salah, ah?

by Eyes Wide Open HartalMSM has received some comments from people who find nothing wrong about the Interlok book being used as required reading in schools. Their reasoning usually goes along the lines of “The things mentioned in the book really happened among Indians and Chinese immigrants what, so what’s the big deal?” Honestly, I … Continue reading