Star-tling Stupidity

by Eyes Wide Open What a fiasco! More than that, it just demonstrates how removed from reality the movers and shakers in Malaysia are. The Star Online created a poll to ask if the Bersih rally should be allowed. Specifically the question asked was: “What is your view of the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally on … Continue reading

What the hack?!

by Reina As the lunar eclipse hits the world, several Malaysian government websites have fallen into a state of darkness.… One of those hit is the Sabah Tourism webpage where this internet vigilante group claims that it has extracted the details of more than 3,400 of the site’s users and posted the particulars of … Continue reading

New Definition Of “Trial By Media” Courtesy of Utusan

by Eyes Wide Open In 2010, A-G Abd Gani Patail advised Khir Toyo not to pursue a trial-by-media in his land fraud case. He said that whatever he said in the media could be used against him and “The more you say, the more you are going to hurt yourself.” This is probably the first case in the world … Continue reading

Saying one thing in English, another in Arabic

Pix: Approximately 20,000 mourners attended the funerals in Jerusalem for the slain Fogel family Earlier stories, Baby’s throat slashed, parents, siblings slaughtered and Baby deserves its throat slit The al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, denied any responsibility for the attack. Its spokesman insinuated that the killings could have been carried out by the Jewish settlers … Continue reading

Waktu by-election aje heboh, lepas tu buat tak tau

Below was our response yesterday to one reader called ‘Gunasegaran’ who had commented in FMT. What a typically disgraceful spin by this DAP supporter. Interlok was brought up by (Ipoh Barat DAP MP) Kulasegaran for what purpose? Only as a campaign issue to politicize in a by-election. See this Jan 22 article in M’sian Insider, … Continue reading

Interlok: Everybody should just read the damn book!

UPDATED: ‘Why are some Indians so sensitive?’ asks Cambridge PhD By Sharifuddin A Latiff News flash: ‘HRP leaders arrested at anti-Interlok forum‘. Among those arrested include HRP president W Sambulingam. There have been scores of arrests of Hindraf guys over the past week. Why are the authorities clamping down so hard on a forum that merely … Continue reading

‘Pariah?’ Watch this YouTube & see who says the word

From 3:57 onwards “Sangat hina kehidupan mereka di dalam negeri mereka. Kasta pariah ini telah dibawa oleh Inggeris ke dalam negara kita … kehidupan yang mereka nikmati di sini seribu kali ganda lebih baik daripada … negara merempat, naik bas, tak pakai baju, tak pakai seluar.” From Hartal’s posting on April 28, 2010: Dr Asri … Continue reading

What do Utusan and DAP have in common?

Utusan Malaysia has slapped its reporter Hata Wahari with charges on eight counts of misconduct. The paper accused Hata of tarnishing the organisation’s image. Hata who is National Union of Journalists (NUJ) president had last year issued statements in defence of press freedom and was given coverage by Malaysiakini, the Malaysian Insider and Merdeka Review … Continue reading

DAP may face street protests in Pg by own members

Corruption allegations (click on banner above for the story) The Penang deputy chief minister P. Ramasamy now wants to sue Free Malaysia Today. But read FMT’s side of the story here. Just a little earlier, LGE wanted to sue Utusan. There are several other pieces of published articles over which DAP leaders have announced they … Continue reading

What a bummer from Obama

From FAQs about the Armenian Genocide: Hundreds of thousands were butchered outright. Many others died of starvation, exhaustion, and epidemics which ravaged the concentration camps. Not an item you’d find in our local MSM. If you did come across this story (below) in any of the papers, please do give us a buzz. The news: … Continue reading