What’s missing from Malott’s missive

Pix courtesy Din Merican’s blog By Peter Masry [via e-mail] In his recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal Asia (February 8, 2011), ‘The Price of Malaysia’s Racism‘, former U.S. Ambassador to Malaysia, John Malott, makes some valid criticisms regarding Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia (One Malaysia) programme and its failure to realistically … Continue reading

Watch where you put your hand

Watch the Mkini video (here) of a recent incident at University Malaya.

EC independent of government – Hafarizam

The adun of Port Klang, Badrul Hisham, obtained an interim injunction to restrain the Election Commission from holding any meeting(s) related to the status of this constituency until 17th February. Reports from Bernama, the Star and NST were synonymous i.e. both the MSM agencies echoed Bernama. On the other hand, TMI and Mkini had additional … Continue reading

After the assembly, it’s another story

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Later on at night, rights are denied by PDRM. [Click on screenshots for the videos] The MSMs reported on the assembly but ignored the ensuing story. Meanwhile, we read that Lawyers Will Walk Again.

Progress by Pakatan Rakyat

By Crankster I don’t know why my company bothers to pay my salary. I barely do much work anyway 😉 Instead, I spend most of my time discussing politics via email with my friend, Kenneth. As a political-activist type, most of my mates think like me and have access to the same sort of information. … Continue reading

Leave Now, Najib!

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Well, I thought ‘Leave Now’ is just as appropriate as ‘Evacuate Now’ for a headline. And of course, I am referring to the imminent evacuation of Malaysians in Egypt. But Najib procrastinates, as usual, much like his ETPs, GTPs, etc. The Americans are leaving. So are the Aussies. Our ‘big-brother‘ neighbour … Continue reading

Post Tenang by-election death reports

Here are some screenshots on media reports (on two deaths) pertaining to the Johor floods. a) Bernama: 31/01/11 @ 4:55pm b) NST – 31/01/11 @ 1:31pm c) the Star: 31/01/11 @ 10:11am d) Mkini: 31/01/11 @ 1:52pm e) TMI: 31/01/11 (via Bernama) In our preceding post, we wondered why the BN/PR politicians were more concerned … Continue reading

BN wins Tenang in very wet conditions

BN – 6699 PR – 2992 Majority – 3707 Voter turnout – 66.65% Earlier, Muhyiddin was concerned that a low voter turnout could jeapordise his anticipated BN victory by a 5000 vote majority. PR meanwhile complained about insufficient boats being deployed into ‘opposition’ areas.                 How come nobody … Continue reading

The Spelling Is Atrocious

By Crankster The BN government has been busy with the upcoming by-elections. As usual, the standard fare of bribing the constituency with money and other gifts has been employed. To enhance the gameplan, an additional treat of flinging mud at the opposing party candidate is rampant. She has taken it in her stride though. The … Continue reading

‘Pariah?’ Watch this YouTube & see who says the word

From 3:57 onwards “Sangat hina kehidupan mereka di dalam negeri mereka. Kasta pariah ini telah dibawa oleh Inggeris ke dalam negara kita … kehidupan yang mereka nikmati di sini seribu kali ganda lebih baik daripada … negara merempat, naik bas, tak pakai baju, tak pakai seluar.” From Hartal’s posting on April 28, 2010: Dr Asri … Continue reading