Star-tling Stupidity

by Eyes Wide Open What a fiasco! More than that, it just demonstrates how removed from reality the movers and shakers in Malaysia are. The Star Online created a poll to ask if the Bersih rally should be allowed. Specifically the question asked was: “What is your view of the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally on … Continue reading

Pious man visiting prostitute? Can meh?

We received the comment below yesterday to our posting ‘Messiah Anwar, his God’s Army and their paroxysm of violence’. So just because Chua Soi Lek owned up, Anwar should do the same. Seems like not only does one have to give up on the Star, but also this site. Thanks for letting me know. — Kesu … Continue reading

Arrest Datuk T, and don’t forget the reporters and editors!

By Reina In Malaysia, you are free to take pictures or videos of your naked self or while doing sexual acts. But the minute you distribute these pictures or video clips or screen them in public places, that’s when the law kicks in and it is deemed a criminal offence. This is where Datuk T, … Continue reading

Pakatan’s porn argument a bad idea

There’s a saying — Be careful what you wish for. Rather shortsightedly, the Pakatan politicians and their supporters are complaining that the video featuring “a man closely resembling a senior Malay opposition leader” is a criminal act of screening pornography in public. They have called for ‘Datuk T’ to be charged for showing porn. Several … Continue reading

Anwaristas and their new ‘porn star’

Last Boxing Day (Dec 26, 2010), we posted ‘Top 10 haram words‘ where we hoped that the media will stop applying or allowing the following labels in relation to the people listed below: 1.  statesman / Mahathir Mohamad 2.  First Lady / Rosmah Mansor 3.  Trojan horse / Zaid Ibrahim and (9) porn star / Chua … Continue reading

Baby deserves its throat slit

Pix (close-up above): The four-year-old stabbed to death. For earlier report, see Baby’s throat slashed, parents, siblings slaughtered. . Pix of the four-year old (right, wide shot) . We’ve condensed this must-read article by Israel Harel published today in the Haaretz (liberal left Israeli paper). . . The media’s professional obligation is … Continue reading

Niat Baik, Niat Jahat

Lies – and there lies the problem By Reina Lie #1 Earlier this afternoon, the Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister said MIC President G. Palanivel was speaking to the three Indian members of the evaluation committee on the Interlok novel at that point in time. This piece of news was flashed on TV and … Continue reading

Kg Buah Pala vs Ladang Bkt Jalil – Stinking MSM Hypocrisy

by Eyes Wide Open When the Kg Buah Pala issue exploded in 2009, there was a huge outcry from residents, NGOs and politicians. The Kg Buah Pala residents were portrayed as helpless victims of an uncaring State government and unscrupulous developer. The image frequently portrayed of the villagers were of poor victims on the verge … Continue reading

Kg Buah Pala…deja vu in Bukit Jalil

by Eyes Wide Open March 15 2011 was supposed to be the day that 41 families would be forced out of the place they called home for generations. I arrived at 8am to find a crowd had already gathered. MSM, online media and citizen journalists were on hand to witness the event. There were also … Continue reading

Baby’s throat slashed, parents, siblings slaughtered

. UPDATED, Baby deserves its throat slit . Fogel family massacred: The four-year-old year old died after being stabbed in the heart (above) . His sibling, the 11-year old had his throat slit as he lay reading in bed (below) Baby and father slaugthered (main picture) . Mother also killed in the carnage  Military trackers discovered … Continue reading