KD Tun Razak: Sure the sub can swim and sink, ah?

In our humble opinion, the Sniveling Star is a poor cook of noodles. “… the Malaysian way is to keep the lid on a simmering cauldron. But as anyone who cooks pasta or noodles knows, if you keep the lid on and the heat underneath is too high, the pot will eventually boil over.” – … Continue reading

Voter registration form got Malay bumi quota, ah?

Sharifuddin A. Latiff Wahlauweh! Guess where Najib Razak was last night? Come on folks, cuba teka. In Sabah – one of the East Malaysian states where Umno Baru has proclaimed as its fixed deposit vote bank. For the third consecutive day, Berita Harian is pursuing its controversially slanted voter registration story. On Day 3, in … Continue reading

Et tu, Malaysiakini?

We’ve noticed that Malaysiakini is falling more and more into the sensationalism mode. Malaysiakini traditionally banks on its sober socio-political reporting. Yesterday however, the portal featured ‘Erectile dysfunction strong sign of heart attack’ which is its fifth Most Viewed article of the day in its English section, while the article’s translation ‘Mati pucuk petanda serangan … Continue reading

Reuters admit making Israel look bad / ‘Star’ snivels some more

By Hartal MSM Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher recalled: “When I was in northern Israel covering the war between Israel and Hezbollah back in 2006, Reuters was accused of doctoring a number of photos that made the Israeli defence forces (IDF) look more aggressive. Reuters acknowledged and admitted, yes, those (word inaudible) photographs had been … Continue reading

Mukhriz Mahathir’s Jew-bashing makes our toes tingle!

By Hartal MSM Pix above (lifted from FMT): Wow, “humanitarian aid” for Gazans = metal deck chairs?? Double Wow! The 8th wonder of the world … There is actually an alternative media in Malaysia that is telling the other side of the story. From the fairly new Free Malaysia Today news portal (which has poached … Continue reading

CIJ making loud demands, and then what?

By Hartal MSM The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and Wami just drafted an online petition — which among other things — demanded by the end of the month for: 1. An explanation by NTV7 and TV2 on the latest incidents of alleged censorship. 2. An unequivocal assurance from the Prime Minister that no one … Continue reading

What 6km chase?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

You’d have to view this within the context of the police report made by Azamuddin Omar in which it was clearly stated that the police gave chase after Aminulrasyid overtook their vehicle.

The following image will indicate that the ‘chase’ was not 6 km as reported earlier in the various MSMs (here and here) relative to ‘official’ press statements by the bigwigs of the PDRM.

Hulu S’gor: Polis tangkap lagi

By Sharifuddin A.Latiff Earlier on Tuesday, three civil society activists K. Anu, K.S. Usha and Allen Tan were ‘arrested‘ in Hulu Selangor while another seven suffered the same fate yesterday. Are these incidents typical of selective enforcement by the Polis DiRaja Malaysia because the persons involved were deemed not BN-friendly? You might say it is … Continue reading

Hulu S’gor: Enter the next IckerTee?

By Hartal MSM Some of our members alongside SABM are on the ground in Hulu Selangor. We, including Haris Ibrahim, are urging a boycott of mainstream media – No buy, no lies. Ha-ha-ha, after all, you can expect free newsletters to be distributed on site, like Selangor Kini (pro-Pakatan), Selangor Kita (pro-Umno) and heck, probably … Continue reading

Mkini has more guts than Insider

By Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff Both Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider in their reports used the translation “small fry”. However, Insider has taken down its editorial titled ‘Muhyiddin’s small fry for faith’. Clicking on the URL takes the reader to an ‘Article not found’ notice. http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/opinion/breaking-views/59576-muhyiddins-small-fry-for-faith-the-malaysian-insider However, the Insider editorial can still be read from the Google … Continue reading