Hartal’s Interlok Archives

Ridhuan Tee slams ‘Interlok’ protesters as extremists

Interlok: Everybody should just read the damn book!

Interlok: Chinese sell their daughters

Interlok: Chinese immigrants came here to carry shit buckets

Interlok: Sepet, greedy Cina gemuk & liberal dummkopfs

Interlok: Could Ridhuan Tee be right after all?

Interlok: Ya lor, DAP pun nampak pada Melayu saja

Interlok: Cunning Chinese swindles Malay, evicts him like a mangy dog

Interlok: Podah Chua Soi Lek!

Interlok: Anwar says it’s a ‘good book’

Interlok: Sex scene, rape scenes, suicide by hanging

Interlok: Chinese will happily sell their mothers too

Live report on Interlok Rally

Interlok – itu ata apa salah, ah?

Interlok: Fail BM (this novel), fail SPM

Interlok: Pakatan’s sabotage

Interlok rally: ‘Umno rasis’ / ‘Cina tak malu’

‘Are your parents pariahs?’ — Pg headmaster

Translate This Into Votes

Interlok – haiya, kasi lia olang cakap lah!

Interlok – haiya…mau bising buat apa?

Waktu by-election aje heboh, lepas tu buat tak tau

Interlok protestors – liars, childish, ignorant, inconsistent and mad

Interlok: BTN agenda — for nation-building, konon (1)

‘Satanic Verses’ for SPM English, can ah?

Mission Interlok: The cloning of Ridhuan

Interlok – a quick comparison with fundamental BTN doctrine

Interlok & the lingering BTN ‘poison’

Yet another case of ‘pariah’ bullying in school

Interlok: One of them is lying; we don’t think it’s the Indian

Danger of normalizing ‘pariah’

Niat Baik, Niat Jahat

That ‘Chinese’ fler in the Interlok review panel

Interlok – When a language lesson isn’t about language

LIVE Updates from Interlok forum

Interlok – Shameless lies by DPM & media

What’s DAP gonna do about Interlok?




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