New Malaysian Voices

It is clear that our politicians and their supporters will not save Malaysia. It must be her people.

This section is dedicated to the silent majority of Malaysians that are quietly hoping and praying for a better Malaysia for all. It is YOUR RIGHT to be heard loud and clear.

Spread these voices as far as possible and let’s create a tsunami of public opinion that politicians from both sides can never ignore!

It’s time the politicians LISTENED to WE THE PEOPLE!


Click on the titles below to read what the Silent Majority has to say.

1. Of Facebook, Islam and National Security – by Larry Yap

2. Dari kataku, untuk generasiku – by Larry Yap

3. Skin and School – by the “Angler”

4.  SIRI PMN 2011: I Went To PMN 2011 (yeay!). But … – by Batu 5

* Please note that the views featured in this section are entirely the ones of the author. By featuring these articles, HartalMSM may or may not agree with the contents whether in part or in full. Neither should the author be assumed to agree with HartalMSM’s contents whether in part or in full.

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